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Don’t let the cold get under your skin… Try our Winter Ritual!

winter care routine‘Tis the season to pamper your skin with a complete care routine 

As we all know a little too well, winter can dampen your morale, and it almost universally takes a toll on your skin. Our routines are shaken up by the shortening days, and the many symptoms of the seasonal blahs include fatigue, dull complexions, dry skin, and feeling glum… Who couldn’t use a pick-me-up right about now? 

So, this year, we suggest you turn to this complete, comforting routine to recharge your batteries, with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR fabulously effective homemade products specifically formulated for cold weather. Here’s what you need to stay moisturized, look well-rested, and give yourself a much-deserved boost!

easy and effective care routine
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Step 1: Create a relaxing atmosphere 

Let’s start by getting ourselves in the right mindset to relax—it will make your care routine more effective. All the recipes in our Winter Ritual are formulated to care for and pamper your skin, but let’s not forget about your morale! So, first things first: let’s set the mood by creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Turn off your phone, light a candle, put on your favourite song, close your eyes, and let the melody carry you away. Now set your daily cares aside while you enjoy a moment just for you. 

Are you set? Then let’s move on to the next step. Skin care is self-care too! 

homemade bubble bath recipeStep 2: Melt away your tension with a soothing, scented, bubbly soak 


Bubble baths are one of the best ways to relax, which is why we called our latest DIY bubble bath Time to Unwind. But our specially formulated recipe does more than just help you chill; it will also nourish and hydrate your skin. 

The choice ingredients in this homemade bubble bath work together to hydrate your skin. It’s our secret weapon against winter dryness! Thanks to its creamy, beautifully scented lather, it will soothe damaged, irritated skin and relieve everyday tension. With Time to Unwind, it feels like time stops. So fill the tub and bliss out! 


While pouring your bath, add your desired quantity of your homemade bubble bath to hot or warm water and let the bubbles slowly form. 

As a bubble bath, this product is not formulated to be applied directly to your skin; it’s meant to be diluted in water. It should therefore not be used in the same way as a shower gel, for example, or it may dry out your skin.


When made in optimal sanitary conditions, your DIY bubble bath will keep for at least one month.

diy natural shower gel recipeStep 3: Deeply cleanse your skin with a hydrating, non-irritating shower gel 


Now that we’ve washed your tensions away, it’s time to rinse all the day’s build-up off your skin. Once again, we have the recipe you need to treat your body to ultra-effective care at this particularly harsh time of the year. 

Power Gel will deeply cleanse your skin without drying it out. Thanks to its neutral pH, this shower gel is also incredibly gentle, making it suitable even for very sensitive skin. And to top it all off, you can fully customize it to your liking. We provide all the guidance you’ll need to tweak the recipe until it’s just right for you and your skin type. As this shower gel reminds us, sometimes the most powerful ingredient is gentleness! 


Apply a dab of shower gel to your palm or a loofah. Lather it up on your damp skin, wash, rinse, and revel in its hydrating benefits! 


When made in optimal sanitary conditions, this DIY shower gel will keep for three to six months.

DIY face and body scrubStep 4: Go soft on—and soften—your skin with this homemade face and body scrub. No rinsing required! 


There’s nothing like a scrub to remove dead cells and revitalize your skin. Some people have doubts about exfoliating when their skin is already weakened by winter, and understandably. But in fact, this important step still does your skin a load of good—provided it’s right for the season’s extreme weather. And it prepares your skin to better absorb nourishing and hydrating care! 

We have good news for you: our Scrubtious recipe is as gentle as can be! It smells as scrumptious as a holiday treat and is made with nourishing and comforting ingredients, so you can exfoliate and treat your skin at the same time. Divine from start to finish, it will leave your skin visibly more radiant, soft, and hydrated. Last but not least, it prepares your skin perfectly for the following step! 


Apply your scrub to damp skin, and massage it in using circular motions. While in the recipe proper we advise rinsing your scrub off, for this wintery routine, we recommend wiping off the exfoliating bits with a dry towel. This way, you’ll retain the nourishing effects of the oil and the delicious scent of this scrub. You can use this it one to two times per week, depending on your skin’s needs.


When made in optimal sanitary conditions, this face and body scrub will keep for three to six months.

homemade face body and hair oilStep 5: Wrap up your winter routine right with deeply nourishing care 



No winter care routine would be complete without a final step to nourish your skin. There’s no question that our skin needs more moisturizing in winter, but the key here is locking in your skin’s precious moisture with nourishing oils. Once again, it takes the right products to maintain that hard-won hydration—for your complexion, your skin in general, and your hair. That’s why we’re wrapping up our winter care routine with an Oil for All! This rich multipurpose oil relies on a winning combination of versatile and luxurious vegetable oils to provide your skin with everything it needs to protect itself from winter’s onslaught of cold, wind, pollution, and more. It will also care for your hair, leaving it visibly silky and shiny. And to top it off, this rich oil is more than gentle enough to be used on your face. This Oil for All is so versatile and nourishing you may end up using it all the time!


For body use, pour a couple of drops into the palm of your hand, then apply to your skin using circular motions. 

For face use, you can use this oil on its own, like a serum, or mix a couple of drops into your usual face cream or lotion. 

For hair use, you can use it as a pre-shampoo hair mask or as a hair oil. 


When made in optimal sanitary conditions, your DIY multipurpose oil will keep for at least three months. 


And with that, your Winter Ritual is complete! You can treat yourself to this routine as often as your skin—or your spirit—needs it. When developing this routine, it was important to us to come up with steps that people could easily slip into their daily routines, even when things get hectic. Your body is your fuel; you need to take care of it as your schedule and means allow. We hope this routine helps you treat yourself! 

Are you going to try this Winter Ritual?

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