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This cleansing oil recipe will give you Pure Velvet skin

how to make natural make-up remover

how to make natural make-up removerWhen taking off your make-up is the best part of your day

Removing your make-up at night is so important for your skin. It cleanses your skin not only of your cosmetics, but also of all the day’s dust, sweat, and pollution. But we must admit that when it’s late or we’re feeling tired or lazy, we sometimes skip this crucial step. To help us never so much as think of bypassing it again, we decided to work on an oil-based make-up remover recipe. Make-up remover oils, commonly called cleansing oils, cleanse and nourish your skin at the same time. This one will leave your skin as clean and soft as Pure Velvet. How could anyone pass on that?


This DIY make-up remover oil is not only easy to use, it’s also very easy to make! All you need is three ingredients. You can also adjust the vegetable oil to suit your skin type. Soon you’ll have no excuse to skip taking off your make-up at night!


Ready for Pure Velvet skin? Read on!


How to make an oil-based make-up remover



Good to know!

Steps to follow 

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.natural make-up remover
  2. Weigh the vegetable oil(s) in a bowl. Mix make-up remover with oil
  3. Weigh the decyl glucoside and add it to the bowl. Mix.
  4. Weigh the rosemary oleoresin and add it to the bowl. Mix.oily make-up remover recipe
  5. Pour the mixture into the bottle using a funnel. It’s as easy as that! how to make oily make-up remover

Use and conservation

Put a bit of your make-up remover oil in the palm of your hand. Warm it up slightly between your two hands and gently massage into the skin of your whole face. Rinse with fresh water, then hydrate your skin with a suitable cream.


When made in optimal sanitary conditions, this homemade make-up remover oil will keep for at least six months. 


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