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    DIY toothpaste: a natural, budget-friendly option that really works!

    Treat your teeth to some homemade care Have you been looking for a natural alternative to commercial toothpaste? Great news, now you can care for your pearly whites with our homemade toothpaste recipe! Made with carefully selected ingredients including coconut oil, baking soda, and white clay, this DIY toothpaste offers a natural way to clean and whiten your teeth, prevent cavities from forming, and freshen your breath. It’s a winning combination for a winning smile!  Say goodbye to conventional toothpaste by opting for a natural alternative that really works—and that you can make yourself thanks to our easy, budget-friendly recipe. Before you begin Before you begin your recipe, it’s important…

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    Say “Tube Be Gone” with this DIY solid toothpaste

    Affordable, practical, and environmentally friendly… What more could we ask for? A homemade solid toothpaste? What a wild idea! And yet, why not? After our solid shaving soap, shampoo bars, and dish soap, it seemed perfectly logical and interesting to keep building on this solid track record! Allow us to present Tube Be Gone, our solid toothpaste recipe that’s sure to make you smile. It took many rounds of experiments to perfect this DIY toothpaste. It had to foam up nicely, clean teeth gently, and not leave an unpleasant taste in our mouths. This massive challenge wore out the whole team’s toothbrushes before we achieved a result that satisfied us…

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    Refreshing “Tip of the iceberg” mints

    How to make refreshing mints? Who doesn’t love those refreshing little mints that hide the fact that you’ve AGAIN drunk one too many cups of coffee? And haven’t you ever bought one of those cute little tins that may be a bit pricey but you just couldn’t resist? So here’s an idea: why not refill that tin with your own homemade mints? What follows is an easy recipe using xylitol, a sweetener derived from birch, to make candies that both your teeth and your taste buds will love! Before you begin Be careful to avoid burns! You’ll be handling sugar that has reached a temperature of almost 175° C. Xylitol…

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    “Pearly whites” everyday gel toothpaste

    How to make toothpaste? Of all our recipes for homemade products, some are trickier to fine tune than others. These are the ones where we must meet all kinds of criteria and requirements. Toothpaste is one of those products. It has to taste good and foam slightly (just meeting these two criteria alone is difficult since foaming agents usually taste bad!). It has to look attractive (brown toothpaste? Ugh!) It has to be squeezed out of a tube – not scooped out of a pot with a spatula (we’re definitely stuck in our ways!), and of course it has to leave our breath minty fresh with no concern that it…

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    A toothpaste recipe

    Did you know that if you brush your teeth for three minutes, three times a day, you spend about 4.5 hours a month just brushing your teeth! Have you ever paid attention to the ingredients in conventional toothpaste? Some of them contain questionable substances such as triclosan. For more information, here is the David Suzuki Foundation’s take on that particular ingredient, that is not only bad for your health but also for the environment. Due to popular demand, we produced an amazing natural and triclosan-free toothpaste recipe that is sure to keep your teeth healthy and happy! It’s not only refreshing but also easy to make. How to make toothpaste?…