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    Face-brightening serum for a Precious Glow!

    For a more luminous complexion, try this protective face serum With pollution, perspiration, dust, make-up, and everything else that comes into contact with your skin each day, it’s important to protect it. After all, you’ve only got one skin, so you might as well take good care of it! And Precious Glow is exactly what you need to do the job. Composed of precious oils, this face-brightening serum is ideal for pampering your face, helping reduce the visible signs of skin aging, including the appearance of age spots. Its protective action will leave your skin looking radiant and refreshed. This face serum can be used once or twice a week.…

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    Geranium, tangerine, and lavender soap

    How to make a flowery soap? A favourite of “budding” gardeners, geraniums add bright splashes of colour to gardens and balconies everywhere. Their sweet rose-like fragrance harmonizes well with orange and lavender, a synergy that inspired us to create this fresh floral soap. What better way to bring the scent of geraniums wafting in the breeze into your bathroom? Ingredients Oils 226 g (15.12%) of olive oil 222 g (14.85%) of coconut oil 222 g (14.85%) of palm oil 150 g (10.03%) of avocado oil 97 g (6.49%) of sesame oil 50 g (3.34%) of castor oil Caustic solution 141 g (9.43%) of lye 283 g (18.93%) of demineralized water…

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    Chocolate vanilla soap

    Is there something more comforting than the smell of chocolate? Think of the smell of chocolate cake, baking in the oven. Now imagine being able to take this scent with you every morning in the shower… Grab your tools and ingredients, and in four weeks this soap could be yours! Whether it’s Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just another Tuesday, chocolate soap will always be greeted with “Oh!”, “ah!” and “mmmmmm”. An excellent soap you can keep all to yourself or offer to chocolate lovers in your life. How to make chocolate soap? Utensils Protective soapmaking gear Scales, accurate to 1 g and 0.01 g 1 large Pyrex measuring cup or HDPE pot…