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    Turn the LimeLights-Out before you go

    This DIY make-up remover gets your skin out of the glare When the spotlight’s shining on you, it’s fun to have a ruby lip, a dramatic cat eye, or subtly flushed cheeks. But when it’s lights-out, it feels so good to have bare skin again—free of make-up and all the dust, sweat, and pollution that accumulate over the day. That’s why we came up with LimeLights-Out, a homemade make-up remover with a special “limey” ingredient that leaves your skin clean and soft so you can glow again tomorrow. This make-up remover recipe is rather unique. It’s composed mainly of limewater and vegetable oil, which provoke a saponification reaction, creating a…

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    Liniment oil: a gentle cleanser for your baby’s bottom

    How to make liniment? This is a very simple, time-tested recipe for a liniment that will soothe and clean your baby’s skin. Used alone, lime water must be handled carefully and kept away from the skin (it is irritating); but once it’s mixed with olive oil, the resulting liniment is perfect for use on sensitive skin. Ingredients 250 g (50%) olive oil (or sesame or sweet almond oil) 250 g (50%) limewater Tools 1 500 ml bottle 1 measuring container 1 funnel Steps to follow Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace. Measure the olive oil and the lime water. Use a funnel to pour them into the bottle. Shake well.…