• How to make a face mask
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    Tell the world you’ll be Back in 10

    This creamy DIY face mask is a treat for your complexion We can’t say it often enough: it’s important to take time for yourself. In a world where everything moves so quickly and you always have 1001 things to think about, it’s easy to forget about what’s essential: you. That’s why we came up with Back in 10: a creamy homemade face mask that leaves your skin soft and happy—and the perfect excuse to take ten minutes just for you. In creating this beautifying face mask recipe, we thought of everything that makes skin happy: a light and non-greasy texture, hydration, softness, and radiance. Just put on your favourite tunes,…

  • serum recipe
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    Psst… we’ve got a Beauty Secret: homemade face serum!

    Your face will love this natural serum recipe We all know that one person who always seems to have healthy, glowing skin. Indeed, no lack of sleep or sun can diminish their radiant complexion! We, on the other hand, sometimes look like a hermit who hasn’t seen the light of day for ages—in spite of our best efforts. Well, it’s time to share our new Beauty Secret: a natural face serum recipe! This product hydrates and softens your face. It provides care for your skin while imparting an everyday healthy glow. What’s more, the two gums in this face serum recipe give the product a light toning effect… Perfect! So…

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    Oil-free micellar cleansing water

    How make oil-free micellar cleansing water? Finally, an oil-free make-up remover! Not that we don’t love vegetable oil – far from it: it can be a great make-up remover since it dissolves make-up, which is itself oil-based, and leaves our skin soft and moisturized. But with summer just around the corner, we’re looking for lighter, fresher products. Micellar cleansing water can be used to gently and efficiently remove all your makeup – without using a drop of oil! And it’s fast and easy to make! An extra plus: no rinsing! The trick? The recipe includes a tiny amount of a gentle surfactant – decyl glucoside – which mixes easily with…

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    Let’s celebrate spring with a floral mist!

    Upon looking outside it might be difficult to believe, but the calendar confirms it: this month, spring will arrive. We’ve been doing our part to give spring a helping hand. We’re dusting off the bottles of floral essential oils and aromatic essences and we’ve managed to create some spring ambiance around here. Here’s a recipe that we created to help you do the same. How to make home fragrance? Utensils Bottle, blue PETE with mister 120ml Pipettes 3ml for essential oils Funnel Ramekins Small bowl Whisk 0.1 gram precision scale or measuring beaker Ingredients 24 ml (23g) of hydrosol or demineralized water 84 ml (70g) of isopropyl alcohol 70% 12 ml…