• how to make cream with aha
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    Our Sunset Secret for a radiant complexion

    Discover our homemade AHA cream today! For a little while now, we’ve been holding onto a Sunset Secret—a nighttime treatment that makes your complexion radiate health and happiness. Would you like to know? Drumroll please! It’s an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) cream that you apply right before you go to bed at night. Made with lactic acid, this homemade AHA cream sloughs off dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin’s appearance. Your complexion appears more even, smoother, better hydrated, and more radiant… Pretty impressive, eh?! We don’t know why we didn’t come up with an AHA cream recipe sooner. Now you know our Sunset Secret, so your complexion can radiate…

  • how to keep the scent of your homemade soap
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    How to prevent scent from fading in homemade soaps

    Has this ever happened to you? A month ago, you made a divine, summer-scented soap. But now that your soap has cured, your wonderful coconut-orange-pineapple creation smells like… nothing at all! It’s not always easy to keep your homemade soaps smelling strong. A number of influencing factors may cause scent to fade, if not disappear, over time. Luckily, there are solutions! That’s why we decided to put our many years of soapmaking to good use and share all our secrets for making scented soap and preventing that scent from fading! Trick #1: Use the right scents in your homemade soap. There are three kinds of notes in perfumery: Top notes,…

  • comment faire une crème pour le corps
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    Brighten your days with Bright One, a DIY body cream!

    Get ready for summer with Bright One. Like many of you, the Coop Coco team has been awaiting summer with unbridled enthusiasm. Incidentally, we dreamt up this recipe on a freezing day in February when we were missing the sun and summer particularly acutely. And so, from gloom, cold, and snow, a Bright One was born: a homemade summer body cream! Thanks to this cream’s beta-carotene-rich ingredients, radiant skin is on its way. This body cream recipe was designed to give your skin a healthy glow and to get it ready for sun exposure. Plus, with its added mica, it seems to reflect light. Just what you need for a…

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    “I scream cone!”, the homemade two-tone soap

    How to make a funny two-tone soap? Montreal, with its cultural diversity, its squirrels, its parks, its mountain, its stadium, its reminders of Expo 67, its smoked meat, its potholes… and its orange cones! They slow us down, force us to make unwelcome detours, delay our bus when we’re waiting in the rain, BUT they’re a clear sign that summer has arrived! A playful reminder to give our friends who often tell us their trip home took twice as long because of our other friends who work in construction. Montreal: you’re not perfect, but we still love you! Ingredients Oils 925g (33.3%) sunflower oil 300g (10.86%) grapeseed oil 125g (4.53%)…

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    Coop Coco on TV: 2 perfumes you can make in less than an hour

    If you make your own products, you know the kitchen is the kingdom of home-made cosmetics fans. We’re sure our products are no strangers to your kitchen (or bathroom, or purse, or cupboard, or bedside table or… well, you get the point). And since we make ourselves at home just about everywhere we go, we thought we’d drop by the kitchen of Marina Orsini. Not to blow our own horn, but we’re pretty proud of that! If you missed that episode, you can watch it here. And if you feel inspired by the contagious enthusiasm of Marina and Lyne to make your own perfumes, here are the two recipes made…