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    Funfetti: a celebratory DIY soap!

    Let bubbles, colour, and confetti party together! Pull out your streamers, party hats, and sparklers: it’s Funfetti time! Our new homemade soap recipe is a party in a bar of soap! Featuring confetti-like embeds and sparkling mica, this soap is perfect for special occasions. We wanted to create a homemade soap flecked with colour—a soap that’s gentle on your skin and that’s as bubbly as bubbly. Funfetti does not disappoint! This DIY cold process soap is a party for your eyes, and so much more. It yields a lush lather and gently cleans all skin types. You can even use it on your face! With its sweet floral scent, it…

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    A word about glycerin soap

    First of all, it’s important to understand the difference between vegetable glycerin and glycerin soap. Vegetable glycerin is a colourless, viscous liquid that is used to make cosmetics; glycerin soap (also known as “melt and pour”) is a solid soap, either transparent or opaque white, that can be melted. Our glycerin soap bases are of plant origin, respect the pH of your skin, and are environmentally friendly since they contain no petroleum by-products. Their melting point is about 55°C (131°F), so be careful not to burn yourself when melting. Unlike with cold process soaps, glycerin soap is usable as soon as it cools, so you can make it and give…