• cire parfumée pour placard
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    This Slice of Sun infuses your linens with a natural summery scent

    Breathe in the sweet scent of summer… by opening your closet! Just imagine: You crack open your wardrobe to find a lovely little orange tree. Its pleasing leaves brighten up the space, and the gentle scent of blossoms and oranges has infused everything inside… Because it is (sadly) tricky to grow a tree in your closet, we came up with a recipe for something almost as cheery: homemade scented wax tablets with an exquisite citrus aroma. Now, you can give your clean laundry a Slice of Sun all year long! Made from either beeswax or vegetable wax (depending on your preference), these wax tablets decorate and delicately perfume your closets…

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    This homemade lip balm will give you Dream Lips

    Dream Lips (are made of this) Who are we to disagree? But 80s pop song puns aside, in summer or winter alike, lip balm is a must. It allows us to face all kinds of temperatures and environments without them robbing us of our desire to smile! We don’t know about you, but we always have a lip balm on hand… So it seemed important to share our favourite lip balm recipe, which is sure to give you Dream Lips. Rich in nourishing and protective ingredients, this softening lip balm will ensure a pain-free smile. To suit everyone’s needs, we decided to create one vegan lip balm recipe and another…

  • recette de cire pour cheveux
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    Pomp it up with Wax and Mane, our new hair pomade recipe

    Tame your mane with Wax and Mane! We’ve wanted to offer you a hair wax recipe for a while now. However, it had to meet certain criteria. First, we wanted this homemade pomade to be simple to apply. Second, we needed it to provide hold and styling power without being stiff or greasy… In short, we set ourselves a real challenge! Well, after dozens of trials, we have finally come up with THE hair wax recipe. We’re very pleased to present you with Wax and Mane, our homemade hair wax. Note that it can also be used to style and add panache to beards and moustaches! Formulated with lanolin, beeswax,…

  • recette bougies contre les moustiques
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    Enjoy a “Peaceful Evening” with these homemade candles

    This recipe for mosquito-repelling candles is made for summer! What’s worse than not being able to enjoy your garden or deck because flying pests are wrecking your moment of Zen?! Luckily, we have solutions, such as this recipe for DIY mosquito-repelling candles! In addition to allowing you to enjoy a “Peaceful Evening”, these homemade candles create a lovely ambience. What’s not to like? We have not included colourant in this candle recipe, but you can add one if you wish. To do so, add a colourant chip to the mixture and melt at the same time as the wax. If you decide to use raw or yellow beeswax, keep in…

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    Homemade leather balm

    How to make leather balm? Ever wonder where we get our recipe ideas? From our daily lives, from noticing our own needs, and from listening to those around us! One day, two young women were overheard talking in the metro. The gist of their conversation was that their “yoga mats stink!” This idea was added to our list, and our yoga mat spray soon made its appearance. Another time, a colleague mentioned that her son loved to play in the bath, but she was wary of ingredients found in store-bought products. Twenty minutes later, we were playing in the sink with the foam from our easy-to-make bubble bath. Today’s recipe…