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    DIY conditioner for dry, damaged hair

    Why not create your own hair care set?  Do you wish your hair care routine was entirely made up of natural, eco-friendly products that really work AND leave your locks looking gorgeous? You’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re sharing our new hair conditioner recipe. Its unique formula combines hydrating and nourishing ingredients that your split ends and mid-lengths desperately need. Thanks to its light but creamy texture, it’s quickly absorbed by your hair, leaving it looking fresh, shiny, and silky. Conditioner is so crucial! So it’s a great first step in your hair care set. If you want to take the next level, we recommend trying our clarifying…

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    Old-fashioned rinse water

    How to make rinse water for shiny water This recipe is inspired by a recipe for rose petal vinegar that was popular in the 19th century. Rose petal vinegar was a “vinaigre de toilette,” or toilet vinegar, used by nineteenth-century dandies (yes, like lavender essential oil, rose petal vinegar was considered a male beauty product in those days!). Toilet vinegars were used as personal cleansing products for hair and body and also as colognes. We’ve adapted the recipe to suit more contemporary tastes and for use as a hair rinse. Either lavender or rose petals can be macerated. Ingredients 875g (86.6%) demineralized water 125g (12.4%) organic apple cider vinegar 10g…