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“Green thumb” gardener’s soap

info-savon-pouce-vert-jardinierEN savon-pouce-vert-jardinierEN

Sure to be a hit with community gardeners and do-it-yourselfers everywhere! We found that our own hands were often dirtied or damaged by our various physical activities, so we created a soap that cleanses, “scrubs,” and repairs. It was originally intended for gardeners, but we put it to the test and found it works not just for scrubbing away dirt but also for removing paint, oil, and grease (yup, we’ve got lots of different hobbies!).

So here’s a recipe for a soap that will delight all the gardeners you know, to be made and shared at every opportunity!

How to make hand’s soap?



Steps to follow

  1. Take the necessary precautions for using sodium hydroxide safely. Prepare the sodium hydroxide solution (measure sodium hydroxide and water separately; pour the sodium hydroxide into the water, contained in a Pyrex measuring cup or HDPE pot; mix together) and leave to cool.
Don’t breathe in the fumes.. The lye will heat up to 90º C (195º F), so handle with care. Read the safety precautions for using lye (NaOH) here.


Verser l'hydroxyde de sodium
2. Stir until the liquid becomes clear, then put the mixture aside.
3. Weigh all the oils and melt the solid oils (palm, coconut). Once they have melted, add the olive oil.
4. Prepare three containers (measuring cups or yoghurt containers). In the first, pour the green and yellow oxides. The other two will be used in step 8.
5. Add two tablespoons of melted oil to the powdered colorants and mix well with a mini whisk to prevent lumping.
Mélange de l'oxyde vert et du jaune de Naples
6. When the oils and the lye solution have cooled to about 30º C, it’s time to add the lye solution to the oils.
7. Once a light trace is obtained, add the superfat oils, rosemary oleoresin and stir well.

Ajout du surgraissage

8. Take the empty containers mentioned in step 4. In the second container, pour 1/3 of the mixture from the first container (green oxide + Naples yellow + a little oil). In the third container, add the pumice stone.
9. Divide the soap evenly into the three containers and thoroughly blend the contents of each container with a stick blender. You now have a container of green soap, a container of pale green soap, and a container of colourless soap with pumice stone.
10. Add equal amounts of the essential oils to each container.
11. Pour the mixture with the pumice stone into the moulds. This will form the bottom layer.
Couler le premier étage à la pierre ponce
12. To successfully create layers, make sure you have a fairly thick trace to ensure the soap stays on the surface. Using a silicone spatula, gently spread the pale green soap over the pumice stone layer, then pour the dark green soap on top.
Couler le deuxième étage
13. Cover the soap and let it set for 24 hours. Unmold and cut your soap. Cure for 4-6 weeks.


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