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Winter Wonder Balm, your skin’s best cold-weather friend!

winter balm

recipe balm for winter

Is your skin craving a bit of TLC this winter?

For many of us, winter means snow, scarves, and hot chocolate… but also dry, tight skin. The cold air is hard on our epidermis, and it’s not always easy to soothe and repair it. To help you get through this chilly time of year with soft and nourished skin, we’re sharing our recipe for Winter Wonder Balm, which we’ve been putting to good use here at Coop Coco. We’re sure that you will too!

This homemade body balm provides winter care and protection for your skin. It’s ideal for people suffering from dryness, or for anyone who needs some added moisture when the mercury drops.

Though the recipe is for one Mason jar’s worth, we encourage you to fill a few containers of different sizes. That way, you can carry a small one with you to have on hand when you need it most!

How to make a natural winter body balm easily?

Before you begin

To appeal to different preferences, we have dreamed up two different scent options. So it’s up to you to choose between them: just pick the one that catches your fancy and add it to the recipe.


comment faire sa crème pour l'hiver

Scent Option 1: Woodland Escape

Scent Option 2: Spiced Delight


Good to know

  • Since it doesn’t contain water, this balm takes longer to absorb than a classic cream and can therefore leave a buttery feel on the skin for a period of time.
  • The emulsifying wax allows the mixture to harden without making the balm feel waxy; however, the wax itself feels dry and absorbent to the touch.
  • Tapioca starch provides softness and its powdery consistency helps reduce the balm’s buttery feel.
  • The Woodland Escape essential oil mixture is invigorating and woodsy. It is highly recommended for winter skin care. Spiced Delight conjures up the winter holidays and treats us to gourmet aromas
  • Lanolin helps to soothe and repair dry skin: it is a key ingredient in this winter body balm recipe!

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. In a double boiler, gently melt the emulsifying wax (glyceryl stearate SE), kokum butter, lanolin, sunflower oil, tapioca starch, and pearlescent mica, stirring occasionally.comment fabriquer sa crème pour le froid
  3. When everything has melted, add the argan and apricot kernel oils. Mix well.
  4. Remove the pot from the double boiler and set it in a cold water bath. Beat the mixture with the mini mixer (using the small wheel), occasionally scraping the sides of the pot with the silicone spatula. When the mixture has cooled to 35°C or less and is smooth and homogenous, remove from the cold water bath.recette de crème pour l'hiver
  5. In a ramekin, mix the vitamin E, the essential oils, and the aromatic essence. Add to the balm and mix well with the mini mixer.crème DIY pour l'hiver
  6. Refrigerate the mixture for one hour.
  7. Remove the balm from the fridge and beat with an electric mixer until its texture is smooth and homogenous.
  8. Pour the balm into the 240 ml Mason jar and let harden for 24 hours. Although the balm can be used immediately following completion, it will be firmer the next day.

Use and conservation

Massage your homemade body balm onto dry skin to nourish and soften it. Use as often as necessary.
This DIY winter body cream keeps for at least 6 months. Keep away from heat and light.

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