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It’s shower time with Aloe 2 Go!

shower gel aloeAloe shower gel

Bring a little aloe into your shower with this handmade shower gel recipe!

Shower gel is one of the most popular personal care products, so naturally many of us would like to make it ourselves. Well, we are pleased to announce that after months of research, we have finally found THE perfect handmade shower gel recipe: Aloe 2 Go! A momentous event here at Coop Coco!!

With soft scents of lavender and ylang ylang to revitalize your senses, Aloe 2 Go is perfect for any time of day—whether you’re trying to pry yourself from the arms of Morpheus in the morning with a good shower or winding down after a long day to enjoy a relaxing moment under soothing shower jets. This shower gel respects and gently cleans your skin, while moisturizing (thanks to the aloe vera powder and glycerin) and leaving a delicate floral scent on your body.

We’re sure that you’ll love this DIY shower gel as much as we do. What’s more, you can adapt it to your preferences. For example, if you’re not fond of lavender, you can replace it with another essential oil or aromatic essence of your choosing. See the “Good to know” section below for more information.

How to make your own handmade shower gel?



Good to know!

  • To ensure the success of the recipe, it is very important to follow the steps in order.
  • You may replace the essential oils in this recipe, keeping in mind the following recommendations:
    • If you wish to add essential oils from the spice family (cinnamon, clove…) be sure that they do not make up more than 0.5% of the total recipe as they are dermocaustic (cause skin irritation).
    • If you wish to add citrus essential oils, bear in mind that they generally have degreasing properties and can therefore dry out sensitive skin.
    • You can replace essential oils with the same quantity of aromatic essences.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. In a stainless steel bowl, weigh the demineralized water.
  3. In the first ramekin, weigh the sodium lactate and add it to the water. Mix until it is completely dissolved.
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  4. In the second ramekin, weigh the aloe vera powder and add it to the mixture of water and sodium lactate (the sodium lactate should already be fully dissolved). Mix until the aloe vera powder is completely dissolved.
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  5. In the third ramekin, weigh the pearlescent mica and add it to the mixture of water, sodium lactate, and aloe vera powder (all ingredients should be fully dissolved). Stir until the mica is dispersed throughout the mixture.
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  6. In the fourth ramekin, weigh the glycerin. Add the guar and xanthan gums to the glycerin and stir well with a spoon.
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  7. Add the glycerin mixture to the fully dissolved mixture of water, sodium lactate, aloe vera powder, and mica.
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  8. With a spoon, stir constantly for a few minutes until a gel forms.
  9. Weigh the decyl glucoside and gently add it to the gel with a spoon. Do not mix vigorously.
  10. Weigh the coco betaine and gently add it to the gel with a spoon. Do not mix vigorously.
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  11. Weigh and add the essential oils and elderberry extract. Gently add it to the gel with a spoon. Do not mix vigorously.
  12. Pour your shower gel into the bottle with the help of a funnel.
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Use and storage

This shower gel is for body use and will keep for 3 to 6 months.
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