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Illuminate your face with Luminescence!

homemade highlighter
homemade highlighter

Would you like to lend a healthy glow to your face? Do you feel like your make-up kit is missing that extra little something to give your skin a radiance that’s sure to turn heads? Look no further: we have exactly what you need! Bring some Luminescence to your face with this homemade highlighter.

It’s just perfect for adding luminous and iridescent touches to your skin. Everyone at Coop Coco has been won over by this long-lasting, easy-to-apply DIY highlighter that is not only beautiful, but also vegan. It really does it all! And what’s more, this handmade highlighter is very easy to make, and you can use different micas to suit your preferences and skin tone. Homemade make-up is ideal because it can be perfectly adapted to your character and your complexion!

How to make highlighter at home?


vegan highlighter recipe


Good to know !

We have used star dust mica in this vegan highlighter recipe, but you can use another kind if you wish. Other good options include gold leaf or pearlescent mica.

Since the oils contained in this recipe are rich in antioxidants, we have not added vitamin E. If you would still like to include some vitamin E, you can add it at a rate of 1% of the total volume of the recipe.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the coconut oil and candelilla wax in a bowl. Weigh the argan oil in a separate ramekin.
  3. Melt the coconut oil and wax mixture in the double boiler.making vegan highlighter
  4. Weigh the powders in a ramekin.
  5. When the wax and coconut oil have melted, add the argan oil to this mixture.
  6. Incorporate the titanium dioxide and the mica bit by bit, mixing well with the mini mixer and the to make natural highlighter
  7. Remove the mixture from the double boiler and carefully decant it into the pot. There you have it: your highlighter is ready!handmade highlighter

Use and conservation

This handmade highlighter can be used on the face (cheeks, eyelids, etc.) and keeps for 3 to 6 months.

For optimal conservation, we recommend using a clean make-up brush to apply your highlighter from the container.


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