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Our must-have DIY products for a great camping trip

homemade-diyTake off for camping with these handy products

If you’re getting ready for your next camping trip, you already know how time-consuming it can be to choose which products to pack into the limited space in your backpack! To help you out, we’ve prepared of a list of our favourite natural recipes for camping, specially designed to help you travel light with some creature comforts. It’s adventure time, DIY-style!

Cleansing body wipeshow-to-make-your-own-cleansing-body-wipes

Freshen up quickly and easily with our DIY body wipes. They’re the perfect way to keep clean and comfortable wherever you go! 

Facial cleansing lotionmake-up remover recipe

This DIY cleansing lotion is perfect for ridding your skin of the sweat and impurities accumulated over a long hot day. It removes make-up, dislodges dirt, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Soothing after-sun lotionhomemade-after-sun-lotion

When you’re enjoying time in the great outdoors, it’s so important to protect your skin from sun exposure. But, if you forgot to put on sunscreen or if, in spite of your efforts, you still got burned, our DIY soothing lotion will provide your skin with much-needed comfort.

Homemade toothpastedentifrice-maison

Wherever we roam, toothpaste is a must. Our recipe is formulated with natural ingredients to take care of your teeth while respecting the environment. 

Dry shampoo how to make dry shampoo

While you might not worry about washing your hair on a short trip away, our dry shampoo is oh-so useful for longer stays in nature. It’s incredibly versatile and lets you travel light while keeping your locks clean.

Mosquito repellent sprayhow-repel-mosquitoes

It’s always practical to have mosquito repellent on hand in the summertime. Our mosquito repellent spray is easy to take with you so that you can use it whenever you need!

After-bite balma homemade balm for mosquito bite relief

No matter how well you cover up or how much repellent you use, chances are you’ll still get a bite or two when you’re deep in the woods. Treat the itch so that you can enjoy nature again with our after-bite balm, made from a perfect blend of essential oils designed to instantly soothe bites and relieve itch.

Citronella candlerecette-bougie-contre-moustiques

To round out our winning anti-mosquito trio, make your own mosquito repellent candle. Not only will it help keep the pesky skeeters at bay, it adds lovely ambiance to an evening camping meal—especially in areas where campfires are banned.

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