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Get Nine Hours of Sleep… thanks to a DIY under-eye concealer!

recipe for making under eye concealer recipe for making under eye concealer


Say goodbye to under-eye bags with this concealer recipe

In a perfect world, we would always drink enough water, never let the laundry pile up, eat healthy food at every meal, never lose our keys, and always get enough sleep. But alas, that perfect world isn’t easily attained. We can, however, find ways to manage life’s imperfections, and this homemade under-eye concealer is a great start! You didn’t get Nine Hours of Sleep last night? At least no one will know, thanks to this recipe!

Creating an under-eye concealer requires a lot of trial and error. Texture is very important: it can’t be too oily (no one wants shiny half-moons under their eyes) or too dry (which makes application a chore). It also has to be made with very gentle ingredients that respect the oh-so-fragile skin under your eyes. And then, there’s the issue of finding the right shade! But luckily, our Research & Development team adores a challenge. They pulled this one off brilliantly… and almost without losing any sleep!

With this under-eye concealer recipe, you’ll have met your goal of Nine Hours of Sleep… Or at least you’ll look like you did!

How to make under-eye concealer

Before you begin

In this recipe for making under-eye concealer, we suggest three different shades: beige, yellow and orange. The first one works better if you have bluish bags under your eyes, while the second one works better if the bags under your eyes are purplish. The third one is perfect for darker skin tones. Of course, don’t hesitate to play with the colourants to find the shade that suits your skin tone best.

Ingredientsdiy under eye concealer

Natural beige (for bluish bags)
Oil base
Powder base 
Pigment blend
Yellow (for purplish bags)
Oil base
Powder base
Pigment blend
Orange (for darker skin tones)
Oil base
Powder base
Pigment blend


Good to know!

  • Caprylis oil and olive squalane both have a dry feel and make this under-eye concealer non-shiny. We advise against replacing them with “wet” (greasier) oils, as this will significantly alter the finish of the final product.
  • This homemade under-eye concealer has a firm texture that melts into skin. If you would like a softer, foamier product, reduce the wax in your recipe by 1 g. 

Steps to follow 

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the vitamin E in a ramekin. Set aside.
  3. Weigh the oil base ingredients (except for the vitamin E) in the small stainless steel bowl. Melt on the double boiler.homemade under eye concealer
  4. Weigh the ingredients for your pigment blend in the lid of the pigment blender.
  5. Screw the lid onto the pigment blender well. With the blades pointed upward, blend the pigments for about ten minutes while shaking the blender, taking a break every one to two minutes. With the blender turned off, shake well with the lid pointed downward so that the powder mixture drops down into the lid and doesn’t remain on the blades. diy under eye concealer
  6. Pour the blended pigments into the coffee grinder. Scrape the blades and walls of the pigment blender well with a spoon or mini spatula to get all of the pigment.
  7. Weigh the powder base ingredients in an second small bowl. Add the powder base to the blended pigments in the coffee grinder.
  8. Grind until the mixture is homogeneous.
  9. When the oil base has melted, remove it from the double boiler. Add the powder mixture to the oil base.how to make under eye concealer
  10. Add the vitamin E.
  11. Mix gently to incorporate the vitamin E and powders into the melted oil base, using the mini spatula to crush any clumps that may form. If the mixture solidifies, return it to the double boiler for a few seconds.
  12. When the mixture is homogeneous, pour it into the metal tins. Your DIY under-eye concealer is ready!making under eye concealer

Use and conservation

Take up a bit of product with a small make-up brush or your fingertips. Apply to the under-eye region by patting gently until your bags are covered up.

This homemade under-eye concealer is formulated for all skin types.

Made in optimal sanitary conditions, it will keep for at least one year if stored away from heat.

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