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How to make scented candles

Making candles: scenting

Making scented candles

One of the reasons we love candles is their delightful fragrance! The possibilities are endless: you can create a relaxing, mouth-watering, energizing, or sensual atmosphere simply by choosing different essential oils or aromatic essences.

Essential oils or aromatic essences?

What’s the difference between an essential oil and an aromatic essence? Essential oils possess the properties of the plants from which they are extracted (anti-bacterial, relaxing, antiviral, etc.). Aromatic essences are fragrances: they have a pleasant scent, but no properties.

Essence aromatique de pomme épicée

So ask yourself whether you want just a scent or both a scent and an effect. For example, a citronnella candle will repel mosquitoes, and a candle scented with our apple spice blend will create a mouth-watering fall feeling. It’s up to you!

How much should you use?

As a general rule, the aromatic essence or essential oil should constitute between 5 and 10% of the total quantity. But remember that some essential oils can burn, so you must either use less of them or mix them with oils with a higher flash point. The flash point is the lowest temperature at which the essential oil starts to vaporize and can thus burn. It’s important to use essential oils or aromatic essences with flash points above 65•C. Follow this rule to ensure that the surface of the candle (liquid) does not burn (gas combustion).

To raise the flash point of an essential oil and reduce the chances that the candle will burn, you can mix it with an essential oil with a higher flash point. Ask your supplier about the flash point of every essential oil you plan to use in candles.

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Also note that aromatic essences are oil based, so when you add them to your candle, you are also adding a small amount of oil. You must take this into account if you wish to mix vegetable oils with your wax.

When should you add scents?

It’s very important to take temperature into account when adding scents to your candles. If
the wax is too hot, it will denature the compounds responsible for the scent in your essential
oils and aromatic essences, and your candles will have very little to no fragrance. It is
therefore important to add them with the temperature is 45–50°C. Next, just mix your
scented wax and pour it into your mold or container when the temperature has cooled to

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