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Super Spray, the make-up setting spray recipe you need

making make-up setting spray making make-up setting spray

Don’t let your make-up run away on you!

Do you live in fear that your make-up will run, that your Mesmer-eye-zing cat-eye will lose its splendour, or that by 6 p.m. your face will look like the Joker’s? Fear no longer: Super Spray is here to save the day! This DIY make-up setting spray holds your foundation, liner, and powders in place.

Made with natural, skin-friendly ingredients, Super Spray has many functions. Not only does it help your make-up last longer, it also acts as a toner and provides hydration… so you can get a lovely complexion as naturally as with your homemade BB cream!

Look! It’s a bottle! It’s an aerosol! No… It’s Super Spray!   

How to make your own make-up setting spray

IngredientsDIY make-up setting spray


Good to know!

  • Damascus rose hydrosol is perfect for sensitive, mature, tired, or dull skin. It is absolutely possible to choose a different hydrosol, if Damascus rose is not best suited to your skin type and its needs. Check out our article to learn how to choose the right hydrosol for you.
  • The water can be replaced by an equal part of hydrosol. Alternatively, you can also use only demineralized water.
  • The glycerin helps hold your make-up in place.
  • The aloe vera hydrates your skin.
  • This natural DIY setting spray helps to set your make-up but also provides hydrating and toning care.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the water and the hydrosol in a bowl. Using a pipette, add the glycerin. Mix to make make-up setting spray
  3. Add the aloe gel and mix until homogeneous.make-up setting spray recipe
  4. Using a pipette, add the grapefruit seed extract. Mix again.
  5. With the help of the funnel, pour the mixture into the spray bottle. Your homemade make-up setting spray is done!DIY setting spray

Use and conservation

After applying make-up, evenly mist your setting spray over your face and allow to dry. Take care not to mist too much product or to mist it too close to your face. Indeed, either risks moistening your skin and causing your make-up to run…Which is exactly what we’re hoping to avoid!

You can also use this product as a toner in the morning before continuing with your usual beauty routine.

Made in optimal sanitary conditions, this DIY setting spray will keep for 3 months if kept refrigerated.

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