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What can you do with sucragel? The possibilities are endless!

What can you do with sucragel

An exciting new ingredient has just arrived at Coop Coco! It’s called sucragel!

How to use sucragel?

Sucragel is a whole new kind of emulsifier. Glycerine-based, it’s used cold and can be used to create a variety of intriguing textures! Oily gel, for example, is composed of 20% sucragel and 80% vegetable oil.

With such a high percentage of oil (and no aqueous phase), you might expect the final result to be oily and not much fun to use. Far from it! If you make the effort to achieve a successful emulsion, you can create a wonderful translucent gel that turns milky on contact with water. It leaves no oily film on your skin – just a silky softness.

Because of its composition, oily gel is not a rinsable cleanser, but it has many uses in the bathroom. With its high oil concentration, it can easily dissolve makeup, making it an excellent makeup remover. Its gel texture makes it a useful shaving gel. And its firmness makes it possible to blend in exfoliants (salt, coffee, cranberry or blueberry seeds) to exfoliate your face and body, leaving your skin hydrated and allowing you to skip the moisturizing step after your shower. In short, this gel is amazing!

Suggestions to get you started

Below you’ll first learn how to make the basic gel, which you can use as is or to make any number of variants: scented, coloured, or exfoliating for your face or body. If you’re planning to use it for a makeup remover or for sensitive skin, use just the basic recipe to keep it as gentle as possible.

Read the entire article before getting started to make sure you have all the ingredients on hand should you wish to make any of the following recipes.



    • Coop Coco

      Hello Febe,
      Sugargel is a surfactant, you don’t need to add any. You can try to add some clay if you want. You can start by adding 1 % and add more depending on the results.
      Have a great day!


      Hello Denise,
      SLS is water soluble, and sucragel is oil soluble. If you add water to sucragel, it will turn into a “milky” preparation. Therefore, it’s not possible to add SLS in this recipe.
      But we’re going to publish a foaming bath gel recipe next month, stay tuned!
      Have a great day.

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