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Light My Fire with a homemade massage candle

how to make massage candle how to make massage candle

A relaxing evening in

Light a candle, settle in comfortably, and enjoy the lovely light dancing along the wall while basking in its glow. Is there anything more alluring than candlelight? Only the light of a homemade massage candle! Learn how to make a candle that truly says “Light My Fire” with this recipe!  

The oil, butter, and vegetable wax (designed for dermatological use) in this candle recipe were all chosen for their slippery feel, which makes for a smooth massage, and for their skin benefits. These ingredients will nourish and soften your skin as well as protect it from dehydration.

A homemade candle, a massage, and someone you’re fond of is all you need!

How to make a massage candle

Before you begin

If you wish to include essential oils in your DIY massage candle, it is important to check their flashpoints. To help you out, we have a list of candle-safe essential oils. You can also use any aromatic essence in this homemade candle recipe without worrying about flashpoints.

Additionally, you will need to be mindful of dermocaustic essential oils (cinnamon, clove, etc.) and peppermint essential oil. They should account for no more than 0.5% of the total weight of your homemade massage candle.


diy massage candle


Good to know!

  • If you’d like to substitute the oil or the butter, avoid dry oils. They lack the slippery feel that makes for a good massage oil.
  • If the wick falls over, it may be necessary to use a wick-centering tool. To use it, pass the wick through the hole in the center of the tool and gently pull it (without forcing) until it is properly placed in the wax. Then set the wick-centering tool on top of the mold. You can remove the wick-centering tool as soon as your wick is in place and the wax has cooled.
  • The vegetable (soy) wax chosen for this massage candle recipe is designed for dermatological use.

Steps to follow

  1. Weigh the wax in the pitcher or bowl and set on the double boiler to melt.
  2. Prime the wick.
  3. After you’ve primed the wick, add the oil and butter to the melting wax.handmade massage candle
  4. When the wick has hardened, thread it through the hole in the wick holder. Pinch the latter with a pair of pliers or scissors so that it clamps down on the wick. You don’t want the wick to extend too far below the underside of the wick holder, which should lie flat when set down.
  5. In a ramekin, weigh the vitamin E and the aromatic essence(s) and/or essential oil(s). Mix together.
  6. When the wax, oil, and butter have melted, remove from heat.
  7. When this mixture has cooled to 40°C (104°F), add the scents and the vitamin E. Mix to make massage candle
  8. Pour the wax into the tin. Set the wick in place. If the wick is falling over, use a wick-centering tool.homemade candle
  9. Allow the candle to cool for 24 hours before lighting it for the first time. If necessary, trim the wick so that it extends no more than 1 cm from the top of the candle.

Use and conservation

Light your handmade massage candle and allow the wax to melt so that there is enough to massage the desired areas. Remove a little and apply to skin. All you have left to do is massage! Thanks to the oil, butter, and the kind of wax used, the melted “wax” (massage oil) will not burn your or your loved one’s skin.

Made in optimal sanitary conditions, your homemade candle will keep for 6 to 12 months. Store away from heat.

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