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Making candles: molding and decorating your creations

Molding and decorating

You have in mind a custom-designed candle with a carefully chosen scent and colour. Now it’s time to decide on a distinctive shape and appearance. Here are a few ideas we’ve picked up here and there.

Molding candles

The first (and easiest) way to shape your candles is to use molds (square, round, votive, floating). The most basic molds are round or square, but more interesting shapes are also available. The best wax to use for pillar candles is EcoSoya wax. Once hardened, unmold the candle, and enjoy!

Moule à bougie

Container candles

Container candles are candles made in non-flammable containers. Finding just the right container might seem challenging, but with a little imagination and initiative, you’re sure to come up with something you like.

contenant hexagonal pour bougie

Some of our favourite ideas

We love decorating containers with washi tape, Japanese masking tape covered with striking patterns. Let your imagination run wild! We picked up this roll at The Little Spot.

Washi tape pour décorer les bougies chauffe-plat

While surfing Pinterest we saw lots of other interesting possibilities, but we haven’t tested everything: be careful when you choose containers: make sure they are not flammable or unstable. Never leave a candle unattended, and keep candles out of the reach of children and animals.

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