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Learn how to make your own blush

making blush

Blush beautifully with Chic Cheeks

Let’s open up our make-up bag and take a peek at our homemade cosmetics … We’ve got BB cream and primer for a lovely complexion, highlighter to illuminate your features, eyeliner and eyeshadows for a mesmerizing gaze, and matte lipstick for a smile to die for… Are we missing anything? Just a homemade blush for Chic Cheeks! Let’s get on it.

We decided to create three shades for this blush recipe, so there’s one for nearly every complexion. Of course, you can adjust the colouring to your liking. Don’t hesitate to create your own pigment combination for a totally unique result!

 Get ready to have irresistibly Chic Cheeks with this homemade blush! 

How to make natural blush 

Before you begin

  • Warning: in this blush recipe we’ll be handing very fine, light powders. You must work gently and carefully to avoid breathing them in. You can wear a dust mask if you wish.
  • In the interests of simplicity and given the very small quantities required to make a single blush, we decided to first prepare two bases: a powder base and a binder base. You can use these two bases to make several containers’ worth of blush. Both will keep for several months, even years, if stored away from heat, humidity, and light. You can also recalculate quantities to make just enough powder and binder bases for the number of blushes you wish to make. Be aware, however, that you’ll then be measuring very small quantities and so the margin of error will be greater. 
  • In this recipe, we use mini measuring spoons. Each quantity listed in all caps (DASH, SMIDGEN, etc.), corresponds with one of the measurements listed on the mini measuring spoon set.

Ingredientshow to make natural blush

Powder base (25 g, or enough to make approximately eight blushes) 

Binder base (4 g, or enough to make approximately eight blushes) 

Suggested shades (quantities listed for each shade are enough to make one blush)

Tickled Pink 
  • 3 g (78.4%) powder base 
  • 15 drops (15.3%) binder base 
  • 2 DROPs (6.3%) light red oxide 
Raw Umber 
Peach Poppy 


Good to know!

  • *CAREFUL* To obtain the correct amounts for the ingredients using the mini measuring spoons (quantities given in DASH, SMIDGEN, etc.), the measurements must be levelled. Just fill the measuring spoon, then slide the back of a knife over the spoon to remove the excess.homemade blush
  • Feel like adding a little sparkle to your DIY blush? Easy! Just add 1 DASH of brushed copper mica in step 8. 

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace. Don’t forget to disinfect your coin and parchment paper!
  2. Prepare the powder base: weigh the powder base ingredients in a small stainless steel bowl and blend them in the coffee grinder. Set aside.
  3. Prepare the binder base: weigh the binder base ingredients in a ramekin and mix to combine. Set aside. 
  4. Prepare the blush: measure the colourants and the powder base necessary to make one blush in the container (lid) of the pigment blender (remember that powder base quantities vary depending on the shade). Do not add the mica at this stage; it will be added at step 8.
  5. Screw the container on well. Holding the blender with the blades pointed upward, blend the colourants and powder base for about ten minutes while shaking the blender, taking a break every one to two minutes. With the blender turned off, shake well with the container pointed downward so that the powder mixture drops down into the container and doesn’t remain on the blades. homemade natural blush
  6. When the powder mixture is homogeneous, gradually add the appropriate quantity of binder base for your chosen shade with a pipette, drop by drop (this allows you to more evenly distribute the binder base and helps prevent clumps from forming). Mix again for one minute.Natural blush make-up recipe
  7. When the mixture is homogeneous, scrape it off the walls of the pigment blender container with a spoon. Mix again for another minute. 
  8. If your blush recipe contains mica, add it to the pigment blender now. Blend again for one minute, until the mixture is homogeneous.DIY blush
  9. Scrape the mixture off the walls of the pigment blender container with a spoon. Remove a small quantity of the mixture and place a thin layer in the hinged container. 
  10. Place a small square of parchment paper over the container, then set the coin on top of the parchment paper. Gently press the coin to compact the powder. Continue until the layer is nicely compacted. how to make blush
  11. Remove the coin by pulling the sides of the parchment paper upwards.
  12. Repeat steps 10–11 until your container is full.
  13. Your homemade blush is ready! 


This natural blush recipe is formulated for all skin types.

When made in optimal sanitary conditions, this product will keep for at least one year.

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