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Homemade yoga kit

How make yoga kit DIY

Whether you’re a beginner yogi or can do the crane pose without breaking a sweat, this post is for you!

We’ve developed a kit of mini-products that you can take with you anywhere. It includes a magical yoga mat spray, essential oil blends to be diffused during your yoga session, and a refreshing foot cream for when you’re done.

We hope this post will help make your yoga practice even more enjoyable.


Magical yoga mat spray

Magical yoga mat spray

Magical yoga mat spray

One of the advantages of yoga is that it doesn’t require much equipment. Your yoga mat is your best friend: it’s your practice space and your place of refuge. So why not take good care of this valued accomplice?

The hours it spends on the floor, contact with your hands and feet, and perspiration all promote the growth of bacteria, mold, and unwanted odours.

So here’s the first product in your yoga kit: a magical yoga mat spray!





Traditional Sun salutation Lotus

2,1g. true lavender essential oilLavandula angustifolia

2,1g. tea tree essential oilMelaleuca alternifolia

1,5g. sweet orange essential oilCitrus sinensis

1,5g. lemon essential oilCitrus limonum

1,5g. lime essential oilCitrus aurantifolia

0,7g. geranium essential oilPelargonium graveolens

0,7g. palmarosa essential oilCymbopogon martinii


Steps to follow

Since it’s not necessary to heat the ingredients, you can blend them directly in the spray bottle.

1. In the ramekin, weigh the essential oil dispersant. Then use the funnel to pour it into the bottle.

2. In the same ramekin, weigh the essential oils and transfer them to the bottle. Close the bottle with the stopper and shake vigorously.

3. In the ramekin, weigh the 70% rubbing alcohol and pour it into the bottle.

4. Weigh the water and pour into the bottle. Close and shake vigorously.

Since the dispersant disperses the oils for just a short period (unlike emulsifiers, which permanently disperse oils in water), the blend must be shaken before each use.

Use: Either before or after your yoga session, shake the bottle and spray on the yoga mat, then dry with a clean cloth.

“Yoga for all reasons” diffuser blends

Diffuser blends

"Yoga for all reasons" diffuser blends

There are many different reasons to practise yoga, so we’ve developed four different blends for you to try. These will create four different environments in which to do your practice and to take with you anywhere in your yoga kit!

So grab your yoga mat and diffuser and go!


The quantities of each essential oil to place in your diffuser are shown below. If you wish to prepare a larger quantity for long-term use, place the indicated amounts in a 15 ml. amber glass bottle with a dropper. Then use six drops of the blend at a time.

Our blends!

For: 1 diffusion 15ml
Energizing walk in the woods
White pine essential oilPinus strobus
Balsam fir essential oil Abies balsamea
thuya essential oil Thuja occidentalis
2 drops
2 drops
2 drops
5 ml
5 ml
5 ml
Zen cocoon
Ceylon cinnamon bark essential oil Cinnamomum cassia
Sweet orange essential oilCitrus sinensis
Ylang ylang essential oilCananga odorata
1 drop
3 drops
2 drops
2,5 ml
7,5 ml
5 ml
The mountain
peppermint essential oil Mentha piperita
Rosemary ct verbenone essential oilRosemarinus officinalis
2 drops
4 drops
5 ml
10 ml
Supreme relaxation
True lavender essential oilLavandula angustifolia
Red mandarin essential oilCitrus reticulata
Sweet orange essential oilCitrus sinensis
1 drop
3 drops
2 drops
2,5 ml
7,5 ml
5 ml


About diffusion and diffusers

Our range of essential oil diffusers is designed to suit every need and every budget! Mini diffusers are perfect for small spaces (the room where you practise yoga!) and their design is well suited to this calming Zen practice.


Diffusion tips

  • If possible, use pure, organic essential oils.
  • Take breaks between diffusions: Continuously diffusing essential oils saturates the air with aromatic molecules.
  • After diffusions, clean the diffuser. Essential oils left in a diffuser can oxidize and thicken.
  • Never diffuse for more than two hours in a closed room.
  • Never diffuse for more than five minutes in a child’s bedroom.

Refreshing cream for tired feet

Hands done, feet to go! As you well know, yoga can be hard on your feet. Just think about the plank or the tree pose. So the final treasure in your yoga kit is our refreshing cream for tired feet to be applied at the end of each session.

Refreshing cream

And that’s it! Your home-made yoga kit is complete! All you have to do now is breathe in, breathe out, and step onto your mat.

Have a great session!

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