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Make-up Break-up: your DIY solid make-up remover

homemade-solid-make-up-remover how to make make-up remover

A simple, effective, and zero-waste make-up remover!

Who here hasn’t gone to bed with their make-up on, sleepily muttering “I’ll just do it tomorrow!”? And who hasn’t regretted that decision upon seeing their raccoon face in the morning?! To maintain a healthy relationship with our cosmetics, it’s best to break up with them at night, and make up with them in the morning. And a quick, effective, and easy-to-use product helps get the job done, even when we don’t feel like it! That’s why we came up with Make-up Break-up, a solid make-up remover

With its carefully selected ingredients, this DIY make-up remover is tough on make-up but gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It easily breaks up foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow, while cleansing and softening your skin—just the care it deserves at the end of the day! 

To top it off, this make-up remover’s solid form makes it not only practical, but also budget-friendly and zero-waste. And because it’s so simple to make, you’ll soon have no more excuses to skip this crucial step before bed.

Now you can actually enjoy an easy, pain-free break-up with your make-up every night!

How to make solid make-up remover

Before you begin

Coco glucoside has a highly basic pH of nearly 12, so it’s important to wear gloves and safety glasses when handling it. Don’t worry: the final pH of your DIY make-up remover is around 7, which is very good for use on skin.

Ingredientshomemade cleansing bar


Good to know!

  • Coco glucoside is a very gentle detergent. You can substitute an equal quantity of decyl glucoside for the coco glucoside.
  • We advise against substituting anything for the carnauba wax or altering any proportions in this recipe, as this may affect the hardness of the final product and render it less easy to use. 
  • Castor oil is a very good oil for removing make-up, particularly around the eyes.
  • Sweet almond oil was selected because it’s softening and soothing.
  • Carnauba wax is used to harden the final product.
  • When the solid make-up remover is moistened, the Olivem 1000 will cause an emulsion to form between the product and the water, which makes it easier to use.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the Olivem 1000, kokum butter, and carnauba wax in a bowl. Melt it on the double boiler.homemade make-up remover
  3. In another bowl, weigh the castor and sweet almond oils. 
  4. When the solid products from step 2 have melted, remove them from the heat. Add the oils from step 3 and mix until homogeneous. If the mixture solidifies too quickly, reheat it gently. solid make-up remover
  5. Add the coco glucoside and mix gently so that it doesn’t foam. 
  6. Continue to mix until the product takes on a slightly creamy texture, then pour it into the to make solid make-up remover
  7. Let them harden for 24 hours at room temperature or for a few hours in the fridge.  

Use and conservation

This solid make-up remover recipe is formulated for removing make-up from your face and around your eyes.

To use it, just run water over the remover, rub it between your hands (or with a cloth), massage it over your moistened face, then rinse with fresh water. It’s important allow your make-up remover to dry out between each use (set it on a soap dish, for example).

When made in optimal sanitary conditions and stored in a cool, dry place, your homemade make-up remover will keep for at least six months.

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