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“Go with the glow”: shimmering moisturizing gel

Shimmering gel

Shimmering gel

How to make shimmer cream?

Healthy, well-hydrated skin has a glow all of its own, but sometimes a little nudge in the right direction can help. That’s why we created this recipe for moisturizing gel and added some SHIMMER!

Whatever the occasion, whatever the season, you can decide just how much you want to shimmer thanks to the discreet satin finish of this moisturizing gel. It contains baobab oil, which helps to repair dry skin, and willow bark extract, a preservative that smoothes the skin and reduces the signs of ageing.

This recipe smells like vacation! It was created one fine summer’s day while we were dreaming of hot beaches, refreshing mojitos, and hammocks, but you can of course adapt it by changing the micas and the scent – as long as you do so carefully, respecting the proportions.

Before you start

This recipe takes into account many variables (texture, lightness, scent, preservation,properties…). We don’t advise making changes, especially to the preservatives or the gums,although you can remove the micas or change the essential oils. Just remember that you’ll lose that enticing summery scent!

N.B.! This product offers no sun protection!


Emulsion phase

Aqueous phase

Oil phase


Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the sucragel in the deep container.
  3. Weigh the gums and micas in a ramekin and add them to the sucragel.
  4. Weigh and mix the ingredients of the emulsion phase with a spoon, then set aside.
  5. Weigh the water and carrot seed hydrosol in the measuring cup.
  6. Weigh the willow bark extract and the potassium sorbate in a ramekin. Add to the water and the carrot seed hydrosol. Stir with spoon.
  7. Weigh the oil phase ingredients in a ramekin. Stir.
  8. Pour the water phase into the emulsion phase. Use the spatula to start mixing, scraping the sides and the bottom of the container.
  9. Set the spatula aside and use the mini-whisk to continue mixing the ingredients. The mixture should thicken to create a gel.
  10. At the gel stage, add the oil phase and continue mixing with the mini-whisk for a few minutes.
  11. Finish by vigorously stirring the gel with the spatula.
  12. Use the funnel to pour the gel into a 240 ml cosmo bottle.
  13. Label, apply, shimmer!

Use and preservation

Use within six months.

Gel scintillant

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