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Fetching fingertips? Nailed It!

making nail oil

making nail oilA homemade nail serum for handsome hands

Are you looking to feel good all the way to your fingertips? Why not concoct a homemade nail care treatment that will not only leave them shining, but also stronger and smoother? Read on to learn how to make a homemade nail oil quickly and easily. You’ll have Nailed It in no time!

This nail care doubles as a DIY cuticle oil. The vegetable oils in this nail serum recipe will also soften your cuticles and allow you to cut or push them back. For maximum effect, try dipping your hands into a warm water bath before applying your homemade nail serum! This serum can be applied either as a regular nail therapy or an occasional special treatment.

Who doesn’t want beauty to stretch all the way to their fingertips? With this DIY serum, you’ve Nailed It!

How to make a homemade nail serum?


how to make nail serum


Good to know!

Be careful to stick to the listed quantities of essential oils.

Cistus essential oil is a valuable ingredient in this recipe as it strengthens and smoothes nails. However, it is also rather costly… so it’s worth knowing that you can replace it with an equal portion of bay laurel essential oil!

If you are short one of the vegetable oils needed to make this nail serum, you can substitute another oil of your choosing (with the exception of the jojoba oil and olive squalane, which are irreplaceable).

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Set the amber glass bottle on the scale.homemade nail care
  3. Add the vegetable oils to the bottle, one at a time, using a pipette.
  4. Add the essential oils, using one (or more) pipettes.cuticle oil DIY
  5. Add the vitamin E.
  6. Tightly close the lid and shake vigorously to homogenize the mixture.
  7. That’s it! Your homemade nail serum is ready!

Use and conservation

To use as nail therapy, apply several times a week for one or more weeks.

Set a drop of your homemade nail serum onto each nail and gently massage for a few minutes. Leave on and allow to work for about 10 minutes before removing the excess. To get the most out of this oil blend, why not apply the remainder of the product on your hands or anywhere else in need of care?!

This homemade nail care oil will keep for up to 12 months, if stored away from heat and light.

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