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Badabing… Badaboom! You’ve got a new DIY lipstick!

homemade lipstick homemade lipstick

A recipe to make your smile go miles!

Watch out, this recipe will supercharge your smile. Barely will your lips have begun to curl upwards and badabing… Badaboom! Hearts are conquered, birds sing, children laugh, and the sun is shining. How? With just a homemade lipstick!

It took a lot of attempts to get this project perfect! We wanted a lovely and long-lasting matte finish that wouldn’t dry out your lips. After many hours of research, we finally found THE perfect formula! We’re very proud of our results.

Make hearts go Badaboom with just your grin!

How to make homemade lipstick

Before you begin.

We strongly advise against using ultramarines in lipstick recipes as these pigments must not be ingested.

Ingredientslipstick recipe

Oil phase

Powder phase

Pigment phase

Cooling phase

Suggested shadesDIY lipstick

First Kiss
Candy Apple
Dark Cherry


Good to know!

  • The vitamin E must be added when the mixture is at or below 45°C (113°F) or it may lose its antioxidant properties.
  • The waxes and powders in this recipe were chosen specifically to give this homemade lipstick long-lasting staying power and a matte finish. For that reason, they cannot be changed, but you can absolutely change the pigments or vary their proportions to achieve the colour of your dreams!
  • The castor and jojoba oils are used for the benefits of their nourishing properties. We use more jojoba oil because it is a dry oil, perfect for obtaining a matte finish.
  • In making these lipsticks, we chose shea and mango butters for their protective properties and their smooth application. They make the lipstick easy to use and provide care for your smile! The mango butter compensates for the oiliness of the shea butter so that the lipstick won’t leave an unpleasant greasy film on your lips.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the oil phase ingredients in the small stainless steel bowl and set on the double boiler to melt.lipstick recipe
  3. Weigh the vitamin E in the first ramekin and set aside.
  4. Weigh the powder phase ingredients in the second ramekin.
  5. Weigh the pigments in the pigment blender. Blend three or four times with the blades pointed upwards, for about twenty seconds each time. Scrape the walls of the container and the blades between each blending, then blend again. This process will help you to evenly distribute the pigments and achieve a homogeneous colour.DIY mat lipstick
  6. Add the powder phase to the pigment blender. Repeat the blending process from step 5.
  7. When the oil phase has melted, remove bowl from heat. Wait until it has cooled to 45°C (113°F) or less, then add the vitamin E and mix well.homemade matte lipstick
  8. Add the contents of the pigment blender to the oil phase and mix well until the mixture is smooth and evenly coloured. If necessary, crush any little clumps of pigment with the to make lipstick
  9. To fill the lipstick tubes, cut the tip off of a clean pipette and draw some of the product up into the pipette. Dispense into the tubes. If the mixture hardens, gently warm it on the double boiler to re-liquefy it, then resume to make lipstick at home
  10. Leave to cool at room temperature for a few hours.


When made in optimal sanitary conditions, your homemade matte lipsticks should keep for at least six months.


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