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Homemade eyeshadow for bewitchingly Bright Eyes


learn how to make eyeshadow

All it takes is homemade eyeshadow to give you Bright Eyes

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul… What better reason to make them look divine and learn how to make eyeshadow? These long-lasting, intensifying, and iridescent tints will soon become favorite staples in your make-up kit!

This fetching foursome allows you to match your make-up to your mood, your outfit, and your heart’s desire! You can use one solo, or combine them for a hypnotizing result! With these shades on your lids, there’s no doubt you’ll turn a few heads, and all your friends will want to know where you got that beautiful eyeshadow…

Your eyes will mesmerize!

How to make eyeshadow at home


homemade eyeshadow

Perfect peach

Powder base

Champagne Shimmer

Powder base

Midnight Glimmer

Powder base

Coming Up Roses

Powder base


Good to know!

The mixtures should be thoroughly and carefully ground to obtain even colours.

If you’re new to making eyeshadow at home, we recommend using a pigment blender rather than a mortar and pestle. Pigments tend to stick to the walls of the mortar, making the process more difficult. Also, it takes much longer to grind and mix powders and pigments this way because it is done manually. Nevertheless, it is possible to use a mortar and pestle.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Starting with the first shade of eyeshadow, place the lid of the pigment blender on the scale and weigh the ingredients for the powder base.
  3. Using the mini measuring spoon set, measure out the oxide/ultramarine and place in the lid of the pigment blender (all quantities given in SMIDGEN, DASH, DROP, or PINCH refer to the volumes of our mini measuring spoon set). Be sure to level off the spoons.handmade eyeshadow
  4. Grind the powders and oxides/ultramarine in the pigment blender for a few minutes.making eyeshadow at home
  5. When the mixture is perfectly homogeneous, scrape the powder off the inside of the lid with a spoon. Grind again for one to two minutes.diy eyeshadow
  6. Add the micas then mix again for a few seconds. Do not mix for too long: excessive grinding will cause them to lose their sparkle and shimmer.
  7. In the lid of the pigment blender, add 5 drops of olive squalane to the mixture of powders and pigments (oxides, ultramarine and micas) with a pipette. Mix briefly with the blender.natural homemade eyeshadow
  8. With a pipette, add 5 drops of glycerin and mix briefly with the pigment blender.
  9. With a pipette, add 5 drops of jojoba oil and mix briefly with the pigment blender.
  10. Remove a small portion of the mixture and add a fine layer to the hinged container.recipe for homemade eyeshadow
  11. Compact the eyeshadow by pressing down gently on the powder with the coin. The coin should first be cleaned with alcohol; leave to dry fully before using. Continue until the layer of powder is well compacted.making eyeshadow
  12. Gently tip the container to allow the coin to fall out into your hand.how to make natural eyeshadow
  13. Repeat by forming another layer and compacting.
  14. Fill the container by repeating the compacting process until the final layer is reached.
  15. Repeat these steps for the other shades of homemade eyeshadow. Be sure to clean your tools thoroughly in between.


Made in optimal sanitary conditions, these natural homemade eyeshadows will keep for at least 6 months.
Your DIY eyeshadow should be kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct light. Be sure to close the container lids after use.

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