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Ready for a Mesmer-eye-zing new look?

how to make eyeliner recipe how to make eyeliner recipePlay up your eyes with this DIY eyeliner recipe

Are you looking to make your gaze even more powerful and irresistible? Mesmer-eye-zing was made for you! This homemade eyeliner is specially designed to elegantly outline your eyes while being gentle on the fragile skin of your lids.

This make-up recipe required a lot of trial and error. We wanted to create a beautiful deep black eyeliner that would be easy to apply, long lasting, and perfectly textured—neither too thick nor too liquid. It proved to be quite the challenge! But after several weeks of research, a triumphant “Eureka!” rang out through our office. We had finally figured out how to make this eyeliner!

Thanks to our recipes, you’ll be able to complete your DIY make-up kit. After creating this homemade natural eyeliner, why not try out a homemade highlighter or learn how to make your own set of eyeshadows? If Mesmer-eye-zing eyes are what you’re after, we’ve got you covered!

How to make your own eyeliner?

Before you begin

It’s very important to grind the pigments thoroughly (phase C), as this will distribute the powders evenly and yield a homogeneous mixture.


Phase A

Phase  B

Phase C

Phase D


Good to know!

  • Above all, be very meticulous when measuring the ingredients. The success of this eyeliner recipe depends on it!
  • We advise against substituting ingredients in this recipe, as this may affect the texture, shelf life, and/or staying power of your DIY eyeliner.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Prepare phase A: Weigh the rosemary hydrosol and vegetable glycerin in a ramekin and mix together. Then weigh the gum arabic in a second ramekin.
  3. Weigh the phase B ingredients in a third ramekin.
  4. Prepare phase C: Place the lid of the pigment blender on the scale, and weigh the activated charcoal and mica powder in the lid. Grind thoroughly with the pigment blender.
  5. Place the ramekin containing the rosemary hydrosol and vegetable glycerin from phase A in the double boiler. Place the ramekin from phase B in the double boiler as well. Heat gently, while monitoring both mixtures closely; given the small quantities, it’s very easy to overheat them.homemade eyeliner
  6. Pour the gum arabic into the phase A ramekin (on the double boiler) and mix well with the mini-mixer.DIY eyeliner
  7. Still working on the double boiler, pour the contents of the phase A ramekin into the phase B ramekin.homemade natural eyeliner
  8. Mix well with the frothing attachment.
  9. Pour the phase C mixture into the ramekin that now contains the phase A and phase B ingredients. Mix with the mini spatula.
  10. Once the phase C ingredients (the pigments) are well incorporated, mix with the mini-mixer, using the frothing attachment. Do not use the mini-mixer before the pigment powders are incorporated, or it may blow away some of the powders.DIY make-up
  11. Add 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract and mix again with the mini-mixer. Remove from the double boiler.homemade eyeliner
  12. With the dispensing syringe, draw up the mixture and fill the tubes. Be careful not to block the opening of the tube with the syringe so that air can continue to circulate out of the tube; this will make it easier to fill.eyeliner recipe
  13. Your homemade eyeliner is now ready! Allow it to cool before using.

Use and conservation

Keep your tubes of homemade eyeliner away from light and heat.

Made in optimal sanitary conditions, your eyeliner should keep for at least 6 months.




  • Deepak M

    Intriguing! I didn’t know that you could make your own homemade eyeliner. Your article is incredible, innovative, and informative as you described each and every step of the recipe in a very detailed manner and the images were a great help.

  • Oubah Omar

    Époustouflant!!! Vous m apprenez tellement des choses sur votre blog que je ne cesserai de vous remercier merci merci merci énormément, vous nous sauvez la vie avec tout ces produits industrialisés bourré des chimiques…
    Bravo et bonne continuation ❤

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