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Eye Love This DIY eye cream!

how to make eye cream how to make eye creamThe look of love… is
around your eyes!

Just a simple look can melt hearts, make people laugh, or convey every emotion from happiness to fear. But the skin around those wondrous eyes is so thin and delicate! Fortunately, a little love can help take care of it. That’s why we came up with Eye Love This, a homemade eye cream!

Every ingredient in this eye contour cream recipe was meticulously selected. We aimed to create a cream that would be light, non-greasy, hydrating, and softening, AND reduce puffiness! In short, it was a real challenge, taken up masterfully by our Research and Development team! But don’t worry: with this recipe, making your own eye cream won’t be difficult at all.

The verdict is in: Eye(s) Love This!

How to make your own eye cream

Ingredientshomemade eye cream

Aqueous phase

Oil phase

Cooling phase


Good to know!

  • Frankincense essential oil is especially appealing for mature skin. You can also replace it with an equal quantity of chamomile or helichrysum essential oil.
  • You can also replace the Damascus rose hydrosol with another hydrosol of your choosing. Feel free to refer to our article  for more information! You can also use prickly pear oil or tamanu oil instead of rosehip oil.
  • The glycerin can be replaced with an equal portion of organic honey.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the aqueous phase ingredients in a ramekin and mix together.
  3. Weigh the oil phase ingredients in a second ramekin and mix together.
  4. Set the two ramekins in the saucepan containing a small amount of water and heat. The phases must reach a temperature of 70°C.
    eye cream recipe
  5. Remove the two ramekins from the saucepan. Transfer the aqueous phase into a small bowl.
  6. Gradually pour the oil phase into the aqueous phase while mixing with the mini-mixer.DIY eye cream
  7. Continue to blend with the mini-mixer until the cream becomes thick and homogeneous. Turn off the mini-mixer.
  8. Stir with the mini-mixer (without turning it on!) until you reach a smooth texture. Using the turned-off mini-mixer prevents air from being added to the preparation and thus helps achieve a smoother texture.eye cream contour recipe
  9. Weigh the cooling phase ingredients in a ramekin. Mix with a spoon or mini spatula, then add the cooling phase to the small bowl. Blend with the mini-mixer (still turned off).  
  10. Transfer the preparation into the container using the spatula. Close the pot and leave to cool. Your homemade eye cream is now ready to use!how to apply eye cream


Made in optimal sanitary conditions, this product will keep for at least three months. Store in a clean, dark, dry place. In summer, store your DIY eye cream in the refrigerator.

How to apply eye contour cream properly

Important: Your homemade eye contour cream should not be applied directly to your eyes. So then where are you supposed to put it? As the name suggests, it should be applied to the contours of the eye. All you have to do is apply a small dab of cream below the eye, on the outer sides, and below the eyebrows, following the bone of the eye socket while gently patting. Apply to clean skin in the morning, evening, or both.

Above all, you should apply the cream with a gentle touch. This will activate blood circulation, and capillary action will then draw the cream up toward the more sensitive areas Soon after, your peepers will be saying, “Eye Love This!”

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