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Asymmetric candle that seems to defy the laws of physics!

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Add a bit of geometry to your decor with this DIY candle in a jar

Here at Coop Coco, we adore candles! They bring us comfort on darker days, light up a romantic date night, and warm up the ambiance of a room… Any occasion is a good excuse to light one! And, of course, we especially enjoy making our own—in all shapes and colours… To enhance your decor, today we’re sharing with you this recipe for a DIY candle in a jar with an asymmetric motif!

One thing is certain: this fun and fabulous candle will turn more than just a few heads, and it’s even likely to spark a conversation! To make it, you’ll need to pour a few layers of coloured wax successively. It’s this technique that gives the candle its special pattern.

What we love most about this candle recipe with essential oils, apart from its unique geometric look (with a little nod to David Bowie), is that it’s customizable according to your preferences. So go ahead and make a bright summery coloured candle, or, if you’d like, try one with softer shades and floral scents to create a zen ambiance. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and creations with us; we’re very curious to see what you’ll dream up!

3, 2, 1, Create!

How to make your handmade candle?

Before you begin

Before starting this recipe, prepare the stand that will support your jar so the wick doesn’t move while you’re pouring the wax. This will allow you to pour successive layers evenly without mixing them together.

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how to make a candle in mason jar coop coco



Steps to follow

  1. Weigh and melt the wax in the double boiler.
  2. Prepare the essential oils or aromatic essences.
  3. While the wax is melting, prepare and prime the wick (it must be long enough to hold in place while the wax is being poured).
  4. Add the caprylis oil and the essential oils or aromatic essences when the temperature of the wax is around 50°C.
  5. Divide the wax into three portions and then add the dye (colourant chips) to each portion of wax.
  6. Place the wick in the mason jar and pour in a bit of coloured wax to secure it. At this stage, the jar is set flat on its base (as it would normally be) so the wick holds candle recipe instructions coop coco
  7. Next, place the jar in the position illustrated by the diagram above and pour in the first layer of wax. Wait until it is sufficiently solid before pouring the second layer of coloured wax, and then repeat with the third layer. Don’t forget to vary the angle of the jar to create the desired effect.

recipe candle making coop coco


You must wait 48 hours after finishing your candle before lighting it for the first time.

asymetric candle coop coco

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