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Enjoy a “Peaceful Evening” with these homemade candles

mosquito repellent candle
mosquito repellent candle

This recipe for mosquito-repelling candles is made for summer!

What’s worse than not being able to enjoy your garden or deck because flying pests are wrecking your moment of Zen?! Luckily, we have solutions, such as this recipe for DIY mosquito-repelling candles!

In addition to allowing you to enjoy a “Peaceful Evening”, these homemade candles create a lovely ambience. What’s not to like?

We have not included colourant in this candle recipe, but you can add one if you wish. To do so, add a colourant chip to the mixture and melt at the same time as the wax. If you decide to use raw or yellow beeswax, keep in mind that the final colour will differ due to the wax’s natural colouration.

How to make bug-repellent candles


diy bug repellent candle


Steps to follow

  1. Weigh the neem oil and wax.

  2. Gently melt over low heat in the double boiler.

  3. Prepare and prime the wick.

  4. Weigh the essential oils in the ramekin and add to the melted wax. Mix well.candle for mosquitos

  5. When the temperature of the wax has reached about 50°C, pour into the jar.candle DIY summer mosquito

  6. Place the wick.insect repellent candle

  7. Wait 48 hours before first lighting your mosquito-repelling candle.


Do not leave this mosquito-repellent candle burning in a closed room. It is very concentrated and should be used outside only. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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