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This DIY body cream is a real Winter Winner!

body cream recipe body cream recipe

Say goodbye to dry skin this winter! 

How do you fare when the cold of winter truly hits? When the landscape is blanketed in white and the animals grow their winter coats to keep warm? Many of us like to cozy up indoors where we’re sheltered from the cold. But you don’t have to let the season defeat you or your skin, thanks to Winter Winner, a DIY body cream!

When your skin feels tight and rough, you need comforting and nourishing ingredients to protect and soften your skin. That’s exactly what we’ve included in this body cream recipe for dry skin: avocado oil, kokum butter, vegetable glycerin, and benzoin absolute! Together, these ingredients form a great ally in the chilly season, or whenever your skin acts up and dries out!

Don’t let your skin be victim to the cold any longer… make yourself a Winter Winner!

How to make a winter body cream 

Ingredientshow to make body cream for dry skin

Aqueous phase

Oil phase

Cooling phase


Good to know!

  • Orange blossom hydrosol has soothing properties, making it a very useful ingredient in homemade winter body creams. It can, however, be replaced by demineralized water.
  • Glycerin helps hydrate the skin.
  • Avocado oil improves your skin’s elasticity. It nourishes your skin and protects it from the winter wind and cold. Macadamia oil boosts your skin’s absorption of avocado oil and can be replaced by another dry oil of your choice (for example, hazelnut oil).
  • Kokum butter has nourishing and protective properties. It thickens and enriches the body cream but won’t leave an oily film on your skin.
  • Benzoin absolute helps alleviate dryness-induced damage. Soothing and softening, it also helps promote your skin’s elasticity and preserve its suppleness. Ylang-ylang essential oil pairs particularly well with benzoin and is a skin toner. 

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the aqueous phase ingredients in the first small bowl and heat on the first double boiler. Cover the bowl to prevent the hydrosol and glycerin from evaporating.
  3. Weigh the oil phase ingredients in the second bowl and heat it on the second double boiler. how to make body cream for winter
  4. While the aqueous and oil phases are heating, weigh all the cooling phase ingredients in a ramekin. Set aside until step 6.
  5. When the aqueous and oil phases have reached a temperature of approximately 70°C, pour the oil phase over the aqueous phase. Mix using the mini-mixer to emulsify.body cream recipe for dry skin
  6. When the emulsion has cooled to 45°C or below, add the cooling phase. Mix with the spatula until homogeneous.body cream recipe for winter
  7. Transfer the cream into the jar. Your homemade body cream is ready!homemade body cream for dry skin

Use and conservation

This winter body cream recipe is formulated for dry and damaged skin.

When made in optimal sanitary conditions, it will keep for at least three months, stored at room temperature.

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