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Enjoy a Natural Fizz with these easy homemade bath bombs

How to make bath bombs how to make bath bombs

Prepare your tub: bath bombs are about to drop!

After a tiring day, what’s better than sliding into a warm and inviting bath to relax? A soak in the tub is even better when you can enjoy it exactly the way you like it… So we’re offering an easy bath bomb recipe that you can customize to your liking!

To create an instant cocoon, put on some music you enjoy, dim the lights, light a few candles, draw a bath at just the right temperature, and add a Natural Fizz!

As your bath bomb merrily fizzes away, it will quickly dissolve and release its lovely scents! These handmade bath bombs are easy and inexpensive to create, and they also make a unique gift suitable for any occasion.

What more could you ask for?

How to make your own bath bombs?


how to make bath bomb easy


Good to know

When adding colour to your handmade bath bombs, we strongly advise against using ultramarine colourants (this includes ultramarine blue, ultramarine pink, and ultramarine violet). These colourants react with citric acid, releasing hydrogen sulfide and a pungent rotten egg odor… Our colleagues still haven’t forgotten that smell; so please, spare yourselves and skip this mix!!

If you would prefer to colour your bath bombs with micas, keep in mind that they will float on the surface of the water, and so your tub may require cleaning after your bath.

While essential oils are a great addition to bath bombs, be careful not to choose dermocaustic (skin irritating) ones.

Video of the recipe

Steps to folow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Measure all the dry ingredients (sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, corn starch/clay), and mix together in a large bowl.
  3. Add the oil or melted butter. Mix together until an even consistency is reached.
  4. Add the essential oil(s) and the colourants. Mix well.
  5. Spray the mixture 5 times with water or hydrosol, then mix well by hand. Spray 5 more times, then mix again. Do not spray the mixture more than 5 times in one go or it may start to foam.
  6. Repeat this process until the mixture has the texture of wet sand. When you squeeze a fistful of it in your hand, it should form a rough ball that doesn’t fall apart, similar to the way wet sand keeps the shape of your fist.easy homemade bath bombs
  7. Fill the bath bomb mold with the mixture. Pack firmly.
  8. If you use a bath bomb scoop, fill it completely and close the scoop firmly before gently unmolding. Set your bath bombs on a piece of cardboard to prevent them from rolling around. Let dry for at least 2 hours before handling.natural bath bombs recipe
  9. If you use plastic or silicone molds, pack them firmly with your hands or a spoon. Wait several hours (at least 6) before unmolding.


These homemade bath bombs will keep for about 3 months without packaging. After 3 months, the scent will gradually fade.


Citric acid* may irritate sensitive skin or any small cuts on your hands. Wear gloves when handling the bath bomb mixture to avoid discomfort.

*Citric acid is biodegradable and non-toxic to both humans and the environment. However, in its pure form, it is an irritant and can cause burns if it enters in prolonged contact with mucous membranes. It should therefore be handled with caution (wear gloves). The pH of citric acid is neutralized when it is mixed with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda); once your DIY bath bombs are complete, you don’t have to worry!

If you have sensitive skin, this other bath bomb recipe would be better suited to you! However, please note that the effervescent effect will not be as strong.

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