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A day at the spa – without leaving home!

A day at the spa without leaving home!

How to have a spa day at home?

We can’t remind you enough of the importance of taking time for yourself, if only to make your own products and use them!

Today we suggest you treat yourself to a day at the spa – without leaving the comfort of your home. In the privacy of your own home, you can create the environment of your dreams: complete silence or relaxing music, a candle or candles for a soothing flame or a bewitching scent, soft light or complete darkness, or an enchanting blend of essential oils wafting through the house.

Do this alone if you need to shut out the world for a moment of calm relaxation or with your favourite people: friends, your partner, your mother, or your daughter! Use this time to recharge your batteries in the most enjoyable way possible.

6 recipes to relax at home

Begin by taking a traditional long, hot bath. For this we suggest you try our milk baths. If you prefer the invigorating spray of the shower, you’ll want to try our salt scrub recipe.

Milk baths

How to make sea salt body scrub?

Salt scrub
Salt scrub



Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the oils and set side. Weigh the essential oils and set side. Finally, weigh the salt and set side.
  3. Weigh the glycerin soap and melt it in the double boiler. Be careful not to overheat.
  4. Once it has melted, remove the glycerin soap from the heat. If you are using a colorant, now is the time to add it. Mix well.
  5. Add the oil, the salt, and the blend of essential oils to the melted soap and blend with a mini electric whisk (egg beater).
  6. Using a spoon, fill the individual molds with the mixture. Press gently to remove air bubbles.
  7. Set aside to harden, placing in the refrigerator if you wish to speed things up. Once the mixture has set, unmold.
  8. Store in a cool, dry place. In summer, it’s a good idea to store in the fridge, to keep it fresh and stop it from going rancid.
  9. Use in the shower, making circular motions starting at your feet and gradually working your way up. If desired, focus on dry or cracked areas such as your feet and elbows.
  10. Rinse. If you wish to be totally energized, finish with a spray of cold water.

How to make a clay facial mask?

After your bath or shower has begun the relaxation process, it’s time for a relaxing clay facial mask. It’s well known that a relaxed state of mind makes all the difference in putting your best face forward, and your skin will be deeply cleansed.

Facial clay mask

Let’s have a massage!

Here’s the really fun part of this spa day: the massage!

If you’re enjoying this time alone, carefully massage your feet, calves, and thighs. Continue on up to your belly, arms, hands, and neck. If you’re with your partner, take turns gently and lovingly massaging each other. Allow your imagination free rein and see where it takes you….


Sensual blend

Relaxing blend

For athletes


Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh your vegetable oils (sesame, apricot kernel, and macadamia).
  3. Pour the oils into the bottle.
  4. Choose one of the blends of essential oils. With the graduated pipette, prepare the mixture in a ramekin and pour into the bottle. Insert the pump and shake well.
  5. Your homemade massage oil is ready: enjoy your massage!

Making a homemade refreshing foot cream

Finally, turn your attention to your tired tootsies, which deserve a little TLC as well. A refreshing and moisturizing foot cream is just what they need.

Refreshing cream

We hope this home spa treatment has done you a world of good. Don’t be shy about using and sharing it!

What was your favourite part? How did you feel afterwards? What tips would you like to share about your own home spa treatments?

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