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Boo Blood: Your recipe for a bloody good Halloween

how to make fake blood for halloweenhow to make fake blood for halloweenA recipe to make your blood run cold

Boo Blood is a fake blood recipe for a frightening Halloween look. We guarantee that it will give you a big “Boo!” effect without any real booboos. Thanks to this recipe, you’ll be ready to transform into a putrid zombie, an elegant vampire, or an evil ballerina for an evening…. And to win the prize for best costume!

With just five ingredients, Boo Blood is quick, budget-friendly, and easy to make. You can even prepare it with children! Who would have thought that making fake blood could be so easy?!

Get ready to have a bloody good time this Halloween!

How to make fake blood

Before you begin

All of the ingredients in this fake blood recipe are food grade and are safe if ingested.

Ingredientshomemade fake blood


Good to know!

If you would like your fake blood to be more liquid, add small quantities of water until the desired texture is reached. For thicker fake blood, add a little extra cocoa powder and mix well.

The final tint will vary based on the colourants you use. Don’t hesitate to adjust the colourants to achieve the hue that suits your purposes.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the glycerin in the small bowl.
  3. Add the red, orange, and green colourants. to make fake blood
  4. Add the cocoa powder and mix well with the mini-mixer.DIY fake blood
  5. Adjust the colour if needed.
  6. Transfer mixture to the bottle using the funnel. All you have left to do is to daub yourself with Boo Blood and your Halloween costume is complete!making fake blood

Use and conservation

Apply directly on your skin to obtain your desired bloody look.

Made carefully in good sanitary conditions, this DIY fake blood will keep for a few days.



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