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Get Fresh in a Flash with an easy face mask recipe

how to make a face mask easily how to make a face mask easily

Get soft, hydrated skin in just a few minutes

Alright, let’s be honest. Sometimes our skin is crying out for care, but our energy and motivation? They’re nowhere to be seen. It’s so tempting to just keep lounging on the sofa. If the cat can do it, why can’t we? At times like these, we have two options: Either we stay put and continue bingeing our latest favourite series in a single night, or we scrounge together enough enthusiasm for a few minutes’ worth of effort. That’s all the time you need to make Fresh in a Flash, a homemade face mask that’s ready—you guessed it—in a flash! So, finish your episode, and hit pause before the next one starts up this time. And then let’s get to it! 

With this recipe, our goal was to create a quick and easy face mask with just a few ingredients that will give you a soft, hydrated, and happy complexion! It takes less than five minutes to whip up your mask, and then another five to ten minutes to let it set. And all the while, you can think about what you’ll watch next. After a mere 15 minutes in total, you’ll be ready to sit back down on the sofa, with your skin happy and your mind at ease! 

For a velvety, moisturized complexion with minimal effort, give this DIY face mask a try! 

How to make an easy face mask

Ingredientshow to make a face mask


Good to know!

  • We chose aloe juice to take advantage of its wonderful hydrating properties but also for its many other benefits. Rich in vitamins, micronutrients, sugars, and minerals, it’s soothing and revitalizing!
  • Honey has hydrating, comforting, and revitalizing properties. 
  • Colloidal oatmeal makes your skin very soft.
  • Marshmallow root powder has softening and soothing properties. It’s important to note that it forms a gel upon contact with an aqueous liquid, which alters the texture of the final product. The gel texture might not appeal to everybody!
  • Full of vitamin E, jojoba oil adds antioxidants to this mask. It also seals in the hydration provided by the other ingredients. Because its composition is similar to sebum, it’s suitable for all skin types.
  • Grapefruit seed extract serves as a preservative for the aqueous ingredients.
  • Wanting to add an essential oil to your homemade face mask? Great idea! Here are some suggestions for different skin types:

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the aloe juice, honey, jojoba oil, and grapefruit seed extract in a small bowl. Mix until homogeneous. face mask recipe
  3. Add the colloidal oatmeal and the marshmallow root powder. Mix with a whisk to break up the clumps.  making a face mask at home
  4. When the mixture is homogeneous, pour it into the pot.diy mask recipe

Use and conservation

This face mask recipe is formulated for all skin types. You can tailor it to your specific skin type by choosing a suitable essential oil.

Apply your face mask to clean skin and leave it on for five to ten minutes. Rinse gently with warm water, then apply a hydrating cream.

When made in optimal sanitary conditions, your homemade face mask will keep for at least three months. One pot is enough for about six masks.

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