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Cloud Care, an irresistible DIY body butter

how to make whipped body butter

This homemade whipped body butter is as soft and gentle as a cloud! 

“When I was a child, I often daydreamed about clouds,” says our writer, Bénédicte. “I wondered what their texture was like, how they might taste, and if I could travel through them or run on top of them as I did in my imagination. But as I got older, I learned that they were only water droplets suspended in the atmosphere. And with that, another childhood dream went up in flames… or rather in water droplets! 

“But even now that I am a serious adult who writes for Coop Coco, and I’m much more knowledgeable than the little girl I once was, I must admit that I do sometimes have my head in the clouds. Today, that’s in no small part thanks to this homemade whipped body butter, which has me on cloud nine! Cloud Care is as gentle and dreamy as I once imagined the fluff of the skies to be.”

In developing this body butter recipe, we chose to use mango butter. We’ve already posted about how to make a whipped shea body butter, but many of you have asked us about replacing the shea with another vegetable butter. Because vegetable butters differ in hardness, this means changing the proportions. So, we thought we’d develop a whole new recipe. No sooner said than done! Well, almost.

We hope you—and your skin—enjoy this Cloud Care! 

How to make a homemade whipped body butter 

Ingredientsdiy whipped body butter


Good to know!

  • Mango butter is the star ingredient in this recipe: it’s softening and soothing. Despite its mouthwatering name, mango butter is odourless. It’s actually extracted from the pit of the fruit, and not the flesh. You can use shea butter instead by following this recipe. Kokum and cocoa butters are both too hard to be used to make whipped body butter; they won’t yield the same nice light texture. 
  • The green tea maceration is rich in antioxidants and was chosen for its revitalizing properties. Olive oil is the base for this maceration, so you’ll also benefit from its softening properties. You can replace the green tea maceration with the vegetable oil of your choosing.
  • The coconut oil deeply nourishes your skin and yields a beautiful creamy texture. Instead of the regular kind, you can choose to use extra virgin coconut oil, which will give your body butter a delicate coconut scent. However, we advise against replacing the coconut oil with any other oil, as that will change the texture of the product. 
  • Vitamin E helps prevent the oils from going rancid and is also revitalizing.
  • If you decide to scent your whipped body butter with essential oils, it’s important to be careful which you choose. Some essential oils are dermocaustic. These include cinnamon bark, cinnamon leaf, clary sage, clove, ginger, oregano, peppermint, spearmint, and thyme. You may choose to use them, but they must not make up more than 0.5% of the total recipe, as dermocaustic essential oils can irritate or even burn your skin. In addition, some essential oils are photosensitizing (bergamot, celery, lemon, lime, citrus litsea, red mandarin, sweet orange, white grapefruit, pink grapefruit, tangerine). If you choose to use a photosensitizing essential oil, avoid exposing that area of skin to the sun in the hours following application.
  • The final product will not leave a greasy film on your skin.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the mango butter and coconut oil in the large bowl. Gently melt on the double boiler. 
  3. Weigh the green tea maceration in the small bowl.
  4. When the mango butter and coconut oil have melted, add the green tea maceration and mix to combine.whipped body butter with mango butter
  5. Weigh your scent(s) in a ramekin. Add them to the large bowl and mix well.
  6. Place the bowl in the freezer and allow the mixture to slightly harden. It should remain somewhat malleable, so that you can easily work it with your mixer. This should take around 20 minutes. 
  7. Remove the mixture from the freezer and beat with the electric mixer until it reaches the desired texture. This should take about five to ten minutes at the highest speed setting. whipped body butter recipe
  8. Transfer your DIY whipped body butter to the jar. You can use a piping tip to give it a pretty shape if you wish.homemade whipped body butter

Use and conservation

This homemade whipped body butter is formulated for dry and sensitive skin. It can also be used as a hair mask to deeply nourish your locks. Just apply to your hair, leave on for 20 minutes, then wash off with your regular shampoo.

When made in optimal sanitary conditions, it will keep for at least six months.


  • Krista

    This was my first attempt at any kind of body cream. I am surprised and happy over how well it turned out. The texture of the cream is exactly as it appears in the picture, but the density and effectiveness of it is was unexpected. I didn’t have the green tea maceration, so I had to experiment. I ended up choosing a 50-50 mix of sweet almond oil and golden jojoba oil. While the cream in fact needs no fragrance additions (on account of the coconut oil), I added a gram of vanilla aromatic essence and ended up with a lovely, subtle scent. The coconut smell prevails and the whole thing sort of reminds me of coconut cream pie. I also find it an effective moisturizer that feels nice and calming on the skin. (Sensitive skin issues.) I will be making this again because I enjoy the texture and scent so much.

    • Coop Coco

      Hello Krista,
      Thank you for this amazing message, we are SO happy to read it! Your recipe sounds absolutely lovely, such a treat! Really, that’s the type of message that keeps us going :)
      Have an amazing day!

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