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Get Rid of Red with this DIY cream!

anti-redness skincare anti-redness skincareGet an even complexion with this redness-reducing cream recipe!

As it’s not always easy to achieve the even complexion of your dreams, we wanted to offer a recipe for a homemade redness-reducing cream. It both conceals and treats those red patches, so you can get Rid of Red in two ways at once!

This green anti-redness cream recipe is formulated with very useful ingredients! First, we use tamanu oil, which is perfect for redness-prone skin, along with aloe juice and orange blossom hydrosol to comfort and refresh your skin. Then, we add a bit of natural green pigment and zinc oxide, which is known for its purifying properties. Skin blotches, begone! 

We hope you enjoy getting Rid of Red as much as we do! 

How to make redness-reducing cream

Ingredientsredness reducing cream recipe

Oil phase  

Aqueous phase 

Cooling phase

Powder phase


Good to know!

  • Tamanu oil is a choice ingredient for redness-prone skin.
  • We chose to use orange blossom hydrosol for its comforting and refreshing properties. 

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the oil phase ingredients in a bowl and melt gently on the first double boiler.
  3. Weigh the aloe juice and orange blossom hydrosol in a bowl and heat gently on the second double boiler.
  4. Weigh the cellulose gum in a ramekin.
  5. Weigh the cooling phase ingredients in a second ramekin.
  6. Weigh the powder phase ingredients in the lid (container) of the pigment blender. Screw the lid on well. With the blades pointed upwards, blend the pigments for about ten minutes while shaking the blender, taking a break every one to two minutes. With the blender turned off, shake well with the lid pointed downward so that the powder mixture drops down into the lid and doesn’t remain on the blades. 
  7. Add the powder phase to the melted oil phase. Mix with the spatula; use the mini-mixer if there are any clumps.redness reducing cream recipe
  8. When the aloe juice and orange blossom hydrosol have reached 50°C, gently add the cellulose gum, then mix with the spatula. When the gum is thoroughly incorporated, mix with the mini-mixer until there are no more clumps.anti redness cream recipe
  9. When both the aqueous phase and the oil phase have reached 65–70°C, remove both phases from the double boilers. Pour the oil phase into the aqueous phase and emulsify with the mini-mixer. When the mixture is homogeneous, place the bowl in a cold water bath.anti-redness skincare
  10. When the mixture has cooled to 45°C, remove it from the cold water bath, add the cooling phase ingredients, and mix well with the mini-mixer.
  11. Pour the mixture into the pot. Your homemade anti-redness cream is ready!DIY anti redness cream recipe

Use and conservation

Apply your homemade redness-reducing cream locally to red patches. If you wish, you can then add a loose powder to even out your complexion.

This cream is formulated for redness-prone skin. It is suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive skin. 

When made in optimal sanitary conditions, it will keep for at least three months.

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