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Pucker Up with this homemade lip liner

how to make lip liner how to make lip liner

This recipe will make your smile irresistible!

Do you remember Badaboom, our homemade matte lipstick? That recipe has been so popular with our readers that we wanted to offer you something more. And so, we came up with the idea of creating a homemade lip liner. With its lovely, long-lasting shades, this DIY lip liner seems to say, “Pucker Up!”

Making a lip liner recipe is not so easy. Texture is absolutely crucial! Your lip liner can’t be too hard or too soft. You also have to be able to sharpen it easily, and it’s important that it doesn’t rub off or smear at the slightest touch. After a several attempts and a few make-up sessions, we finally achieved a DIY lip liner that we like very, very much!

Pucker Up is the new must-have for every make-up kit. With this lip liner recipe, you’ll never again forget to put your lip liner on before applying your favourite lipstick!

How to make lip liner

Before you begin

The shades for these homemade lip liners were created to match the four shades of Badaboom, our homemade matte lipstick. With this recipe, you’ll have a perfect pair! Of course, you can also create the colour of your choosing. 

Ingredientsmaking lip liner at home

Suggested shadeshomemade lip liner pencil

First Kiss
Candy Apple
Dark Cherry


Good to know!

  • With the exception of the pigments, we advise against changing any of ingredients, as this may affect the product’s effectiveness (texture and hold).
  • We chose to use carnauba wax for its hardening properties.
  • Jojoba oil and mango butter will give this lip liner its silky-smooth texture, making application effortless!

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the carnauba wax, mango butter, and jojoba oil in a small bowl. Heat it on the double boiler.
  3. Weigh the pigments in the lid of the pigment blender. With the blades of the blender pointed upwards, mix for about 20 seconds while shaking the blender. Scrape the walls of the lid and the blades of the blender with a spoon, then mix again. Repeat two or three more times. This process allows you to achieve an even shade. diy lip liner
  4. Weigh the pigments in the lid of the pigment blender. Mix three or four times, for 20 seconds each time.making lip liner
  5. Add the pigments to the mixture in the bowl. Mix well. 
  6. Turn off the burner but leave the bowl on the double boiler to keep the mixture hot and liquid. Add the vitamin E.
  7. With a pipette, fill the first empty make-up pencil. To do so, hold the pencil horizontally and tilt the bottom end (where the black cap goes) slightly upwards. Remove the black cap and begin to fill the pencil gently from the bottom end by squeezing the pipette and slowly rotating the pencil. The mixture will drip down the inside of the pencil. Some may leak out the top end; don’t worry, that’s normal! When the lip liner mixture has begun to reach the top of the pencil, place the black cap on the bottom end and hold the pencil vertically, with the top pointed up. Continue fill the pencil with the pipette, now from the top, until full. Repeat for the other two empty make-up pencils. lip liner pencil recipe
  8. Allow your lip liners to dry for 24 hours in a vertical position before putting the clear lids on the pencils. 

Use and conservation

Trace the contour of your lips with your lip liner, then gently fill in your lips. When finished, you can apply your matching homemade lipstick! Made in optimal sanitary conditions, your DIY lip liner will keep for at least six months.


  • Amanda Moore

    Hi I am wondering do u have to use mango butter or can u use Shea butter? Also jojoba oil can it be replaced with another oil like almond avocado oil exc…

    • Coop Coco

      Hello Amanda,
      There should be no problem for replacing mango butter with shea butter. You can replace jojoba oil with another dry oil (which is not the case with almond or avocado, which can change the texture of the product).
      Have a great day!

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