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Say “Kiss Me, Honey” with this homemade lip balm

homemade lip balm homemade lip balm

When honey gives us sweet kisses 

Honey is a marvel. Not only does it naturally sweeten our food, it also provides care for our skin and hair. However, it’s sometimes tricky to use in cosmetics because honey is insoluble in oil… We managed to solve this challenge in our new homemade lip balm recipe, so now we can say, “Kiss Me, Honey!” 

The secret lies in lanolin, another ingredient with wonderful properties. When combined with beeswax, lanolin becomes emulsifying, allowing us to incorporate honey into our homemade lip balm. The result is sweet, hydrating, nourishing, and protective: all such lovely things!

Happiness is lips that say, “Kiss Me, Honey!” 

How to make lip balm with honey 

Before you begin

Make sure the texture of the mixture has thickened before you pour it into the containers. The honey may otherwise sink to the bottom of the pot and be poorly dispersed. To avoid this problem, follow the recipe carefully.

Ingredientsdiy lip balm

Heating phase

Cooling phase


Steps to follow 

  1. Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace
  2. Weigh the ingredients for the heating phase and place them in the small stainless steel bowl. Heat on the double boiler, stirring regularly, until the temperature reaches 70–80°C.homemade honey lip balm
  3. In the meantime, weigh the cooling phase ingredients in a ramekin and mix together.
  4. When the heating phase is homogeneous, remove the bowl from the double boiler.
  5. Incorporate the cooling phase ingredients into the heating phase mixture, using a small spatula to combine. Then use the mini-mixer (with frothing attachment) to emulsify.how to make honey lip balm
  6. The mixture will become increasingly firm and opaque. When it is homogeneous, scrape the sides of the bowl and pour the mixture into the three metal pots.easy lip balm
  7. Allow the mixture to cool before you put lids on the pots or use your new DIY honey lip balm.


Made in optimal sanitary conditions, this homemade lip balm will keep for at least six months.

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