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A very Powderful homemade deodorant!

powder deodorant powder deodorant

Meet your new everyday companion: DIY deodorant powder

Watch out! Today we’re sharing a Powderful recipe with you! Gone are the days of fearing that unpleasant smells will escape from your underarms as the hours roll by. This homemade deodorant powder eliminates odours while being gentle on skin!

With light, delicate, naturally effective powders, this deodorant takes care of odours while slightly absorbing perspiration. As sweating is a healthy, natural process, this deodorant will not completely stop perspiration. It will, however, act on the bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours and thus prevent any smelly surprises over the course of the day.

We are particularly fond of its delicate scent and satiny feel. After you’ve tried it, don’t be surprised if you exclaim, “Wow, that’s Powderful!” You’ve been warned!

How to make deodorant powder

Ingredientshow to make powder deodorant


Good to know!

  • This homemade deodorant is free of baking soda, so it’s perfect for all skin types—including sensitive skin!
  • Deodorant powders are very different from commercial deodorants! Be aware that it may take your body a bit of time to adjust (this may mean increased perspiration or unpleasant odours). But don’t sweat it; it should only take a week or two.
  • The suggested essential oils in this deodorant recipe are known for their antifungal and antibacterial properties (bacteria are responsible for the smell) and are also deodorizing. If you wish, you can also replace them with an equal portion of true lavender, tea tree, or rose geranium essential oil.
  • The starch and magnesium stearate enable the product to adhere well to skin.
  • The clay and zinc oxide have antibacterial properties.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare and disinfect your equipment and workspace.
  2. Weigh the powders.
  3. Pour the powders into a coffee grinder. Add the essential oils using a pipette. Mix well for about 15 to use powder deodorant
  4. Pour into the bottle using a funnel.powder deodorant DIY


When made in optimal sanitary conditions, this homemade deodorant will keep for about six months. We recommend storing it in a dry place away from direct light.

How to use deodorant powder

Your homemade deodorant powder is easy to use! Just spray the powder on your armpits. If necessary, gently scrape off any excess. You just need a thin layer for it to be effective!


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