• Comment faire un bain d'huile
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    Homemade hair treatments for different hair types

    How to care for your hair with vegetable oils When talking about hair care, oil treatments come up time and again. These treatments deeply nourish the hair fibre and provide the nutrients necessary to protect and soften it. But to best meet the needs of your hair, it’s important to know your hair type and to choose your oils accordingly. So, what are the best oils for different hair types? We’re about to answer that question here! How to determine your hair type It is important to know your hair type when selecting hair care treatments. Here are a few hints to help you figure out what hair type you…

  • bien préparer recette cosmétique
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    How should I disinfect my DIY equipment and containers?

    Why is it necessary to clean and disinfect our containers and equipment? There are several factors involved in conserving cosmetics. The first is choosing suitable preservatives and containers: An antifungal and an antibacterial agent to protect the aqueous phase (which is responsible for the growth of bacteria and fungi). An antioxidant to protect the oil phase from going rancid. A container that allows you to remove product while bringing it into as little contact as possible with the air and your fingers (pumps, airless pumps, reducers,droppers…). Other factors with a significant impact on a product’s shelf life are the manufacturing process and sanitary conditions. Differences between the conservation of homemade…

  • comment se protéger du soleil
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    Understanding UV rays and sun protection

    For the most part, we love basking in the sun on beautiful summer days. As well as being enjoyable, reasonable sun exposure with sufficient protection offers several benefits, for example by activating vitamin D production. Nevertheless, overexposure and poor protection can lead to premature aging of the skin or even skin cancer. To avoid these serious problems, let’s take a closer look (figuratively speaking!) at these notorious UV rays in order to understand them better and learn how to protect our skin from the sun. What are UV rays? The sun emits several kinds of electromagnetic waves: infrared, visible spectrum, and ultraviolet. The shorter the wave, the greater its energy—and…

  • routine naturelle visage
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    What’s the right natural skincare routine for my skin type?

    A routine for every skin type It’s not always simple to find a natural skincare routine that’s right for you. There are so many different products available, and each has its own properties. In addition, you also need to know your skin type. This isn’t always easy to figure out! To assist you, we decided to write this article specifically on the topic. With the help of this guide, you’ll get to know your skin type and its particular needs, as well as discover which skincare routine is perfect for you! How to figure out your skin type and its needs All skin needs to be hydrated and nourished. In…

  • Nourrir ou hydrater la peau
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    Moisturizing vs. hydrating in skincare: what’s the difference?

    What do moisturizing and hydrating really mean? It’s not always easy to understand which products moisturize and which hydrate our skin. These terms are sometimes even used interchangeably, though they don’t mean the same thing. For instance, people tend to refer to any lotion or cream as a moisturizer, when in fact these products often contain agents that both moisturize and hydrate. To complicate matters further, moisturizers don’t even provide our skin with moisture, though they do help our skin retain it. Actually, it’s the hydrating ingredients or hydrators that supply our skin with extra water or moisture… Feeling confused? Keep reading to clear up the differences between hydrating and…