• recette bougies contre les moustiques
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    Enjoy a “Peaceful Evening” with these homemade candles

    This recipe for mosquito-repelling candles is made for summer! What’s worse than not being able to enjoy your garden or deck because flying pests are wrecking your moment of Zen?! Luckily, we have solutions, such as this recipe for DIY mosquito-repelling candles! In addition to allowing you to enjoy a “Peaceful Evening”, these homemade candles create a lovely ambience. What’s not to like? We have not included colourant in this candle recipe, but you can add one if you wish. To do so, add a colourant chip to the mixture and melt at the same time as the wax. If you decide to use raw or yellow beeswax, keep in…

  • spray naturel contre les moustiques
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    You’ll love our natural mosquito spray!

    The mosquitoes won’t love you anymore with “Bugs Be Gone” spray This bug spray is the mosquito’s nemesis. It’s very practical, as it can be misted over skin, clothes, or hair. We came up with two versions—the more concentrated is designed for adults (12.8% essential oil) and the less concentrated (8.5%) is designed for children ages 3 and up—so you can make natural bug sprays for the whole family! Don’t hesitate to take it with you everywhere you go. As you’ll see, this homemade bug spray will become a must for summer. How to make a mosquito-repellent spray? Ingredients Ingredients Adult version Kid’s version (ages 3 and up or for…

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    Soothing after-sun lotion (No need to call the fire department!)

    How to make after sun lotion? After a long, cold winter, when the first glorious rays of sun begin to boost our spirits, we can’t wait to start soaking them up. We forget to slather on the sunscreen and, before we know it, we’re looking like a boiled lobster! To relieve that burning feeling, we grab cold compresses, aloe gel, anything to ease the pain! And it does help, in the short term. But our skin has been dehydrated and, to prevent peeling, it must be moisturized. If you don’t have an after-sun lotion handy, use this recipe to soothe your skin with a creamy, refreshing lotion composed of 50%…

  • photo 0 huile anti moustiques
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    How to make homemade mosquito-repellent oil

    How to make an oil-based mosquito repellent Ingredients 30 g (50%) hazelnut oil 25 g (41.7%) neem oil 5 g (8.3%) of your essential oil mixture 2 drops of vitamin E Tools Scale accurate to 1 g 2 ramekins 1 small funnel 1 glass pump bottle, 60 ml 1 mini silicone spatula Steps to follow Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace. Weigh the neem and hazelnut oils. Pour into the glass bottle with the help of a small funnel. Weigh the essential oils and pour into the bottle. Add the vitamin E. Ensure the bottle is fully closed and shake vigorously. Label your bottle. You now have a ready-to-use…

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    Two-in-one soap for Indiana Jones wannabes

    The return of hot, sunny weather brings with it vacations, outdoor adventures, and even camping for some! Whether you enjoy roughing it or a more “civilized” approach, you need a soap that respects the environment and won’t attract clouds of mosquitoes or black flies. So why not make your own fantastic two-colour soap using two different clays? The following recipe makes a soap that’s fun to use while camping for washing both your skin and your hair. The mixture of essential oils gives it the refreshing scent of the great outdoors. Can’t you just hear the call of the wild? Tools Silicone loaf soap mold Sieve Protective soapmaking gear Scales,…