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    Special feature on Natural Mosquito Repellents

    Oh, summer! Sun, beautiful weather, barbecues, lounging on the grass, and… mosquitoes! To prevent these pests from ruining one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, try our mosquito repellent recipes! In this article, we offer three different essential oil blends, adapted to different ages and locations, and three recipes for natural insect repellents. Enjoy your summer without constantly being disturbed by bloodsucking beasties! What about you? What are your recipes and tips for warding off mosquitoes?! Essential oil mixtures to deter mosquitoes These mosquito-repelling essential oil mixtures have been formulated according to your location. Indeed, there are generally fewer mosquitoes in the city than in the countryside… Just…

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    Get a Nettle Head with this solid shampoo recipe

    Treat yourself to a Nettle Head Who wants a Nettle Head? More people than you’d think! These plants are rich in minerals, strengthen hair, and help fight against hair loss. That’s why we decided to include them in our solid shampoo recipe. Thanks to these shampoo bars, we’ll all have Nettle Heads… and that’s not nettlesome at all! This homemade solid shampoo allows you to gently clean and care for your hair. It lightens and adds shine to your tresses through an easy, practical, cost-saving and zero-waste recipe. We’re wondering why we hadn’t tried it sooner! So if you’ve always wanted to try making solid shampoo, just follow our recipe!…

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    Get ready to hit some rays with Sun POW!der

    A homemade loose powder for sunny days You have a rendezvous with the sun! But you can’t attend without getting ready… So, let’s go! First, we’ll make a homemade facial exfoliant and a DIY body scrub, then get dressed up to the nines before applying the final touch: Sun POW!der, our new homemade loose powder for summer. The sun won’t know what hit it! As the last thing you apply, this loose powder helps set your makeup, adds a silky touch, and evens out your complexion. Don’t hesitate to bring it along in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day. In creating this recipe, we took inspiration from sun protection…

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    Happy Mien: Your perfect day cream for summer

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the happiest mien of all?! As summer approaches and warm, beautiful days return, now is a good time to rethink our skincare routines! In winter, we need a protective cream that is rich in vegetable oils and butters to combat the cold, but summer calls for a lighter formula… That’s why we’ve created Happy Mien, a homemade face cream recipe perfectly suited to hot weather. This light, hydrating cream cares for your face without adding shine. Suitable for all skin types, it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling fresh. In short, this homemade day cream is perfect for summertime! Many of us…

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    Lather up a bit of summer with this Refreshing Watermelon

    A homemade soap recipe as sweet and sunny as summer The great thing about soapmaking is that you can give free rein to your imagination, creating unique soaps to suit your heart’s desires. The idea for this recipe came to us in the dead of winter, when the white landscapes, grey skies, and barren trees left us craving a little slice of summer… And so our Refreshing Watermelon Soap was born! Thanks to this decorative handmade soap, you can switch seasons for a few instants. We’re particularly fond of its beautiful and refreshing colours, plus it smells so delicious you’ll feel like biting into it—which is obviously not recommended! With…