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    Get a Nettle Head with this solid shampoo recipe

    Treat yourself to a Nettle Head Who wants a Nettle Head? More people than you’d think! These plants are rich in minerals, strengthen hair, and help fight against hair loss. That’s why we decided to include them in our solid shampoo recipe. Thanks to these shampoo bars, we’ll all have Nettle Heads… and that’s not nettlesome at all! This homemade solid shampoo allows you to gently clean and care for your hair. It lightens and adds shine to your tresses through an easy, practical, cost-saving and zero-waste recipe. We’re wondering why we hadn’t tried it sooner! So if you’ve always wanted to try making solid shampoo, just follow our recipe!…

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    Pomp it up with Wax and Mane, our new hair pomade recipe

    Tame your mane with Wax and Mane! We’ve wanted to offer you a hair wax recipe for a while now. However, it had to meet certain criteria. First, we wanted this homemade pomade to be simple to apply. Second, we needed it to provide hold and styling power without being stiff or greasy… In short, we set ourselves a real challenge! Well, after dozens of trials, we have finally come up with THE hair wax recipe. We’re very pleased to present you with Wax and Mane, our homemade hair wax. Note that it can also be used to style and add panache to beards and moustaches! Formulated with lanolin, beeswax,…

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    Happiness is in the Hair with this oatmeal-honey hair care!

    The hydrating hair care your mane has been waiting for! Are you craving a silky, healthy mane? Then don’t delay: learn how to make your own hydrating hair mask. Our recipe for Happiness is in the Hair takes care of your tresses, leaving them soft and shiny. Whether your locks have been worn down by winter or are just sorely lacking attention, your sad hair days are over with Happiness is in the Hair! As well as being rich in nutrients, colloidal oatmeal gives this homemade hair mask its elasticity and helps to detangle your hair. Our recipe also features honey, to boost hydration and leave your hair soft and…

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    “Hold on to your hat!” detangling milk

    The arrival of fall means digging out hats and gloves and curling up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate! While some dread the loss of summer sunshine, others welcome the crisp autumn days with open arms. But whether you hate leaving home or can’t wait to jump into those piles of dead leaves, we have a suggestion for you: hold on to your hat! You’ll need it to stay warm. Of course it’s no fun pulling off your toque when you come in out of the cold. With static electricity making your hair stand on end and cling to your face while your friends laugh at your scarecrow appearance,…

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    Old-fashioned rinse water

    How to make rinse water for shiny water This recipe is inspired by a recipe for rose petal vinegar that was popular in the 19th century. Rose petal vinegar was a “vinaigre de toilette,” or toilet vinegar, used by nineteenth-century dandies (yes, like lavender essential oil, rose petal vinegar was considered a male beauty product in those days!). Toilet vinegars were used as personal cleansing products for hair and body and also as colognes. We’ve adapted the recipe to suit more contemporary tastes and for use as a hair rinse. Either lavender or rose petals can be macerated. Ingredients 875g (86.6%) demineralized water 125g (12.4%) organic apple cider vinegar 10g…