• comment faire pain de rasage
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    A homemade shaving bar for skin Like Silk

    Softer skin is on its way! Have you been looking for a product that makes shaving easier while protecting and softening your skin? We have just what you need: Like Silk, a DIY shaving bar. Rich in soothing and healing ingredients, Like Silk helps your razor slide smoothly over your skin so you can gently remove unwanted hairs. Formulated for both face and body use, the bar form makes it practical and easy to apply—bringing together all the elements for a successful shave! Thanks to its creamy, velvety lather, this homemade solid shaving product leaves your skin satisfyingly silky. This shaving bar recipe is designed for people of any gender.…

  • Recette savon coloré maison
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    A homemade soap for a Dreamy Winter

    A homemade soap recipe that’s perfect for winter Despite the cold, winter is a beautiful and poetic time of year. Before you raise your eyebrows or exclaim in protest, think of those exquisite crystalline flakes falling delicately from the sky, still-green fir trees wrapped in snow, and landscapes muffled under a coat of sparkling white. We have endeavoured to transpose these beauties into our Dreamy Winter, a cold process soap recipe for the season of snow. Formulated with ingredients selected for their wonderful properties, this soap is gentle on skin and will leave it silky and soft. It’s an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin, and it can also…

  • Enluminateur
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    Illuminate your face with Luminescence!

    Would you like to lend a healthy glow to your face? Do you feel like your make-up kit is missing that extra little something to give your skin a radiance that’s sure to turn heads? Look no further: we have exactly what you need! Bring some Luminescence to your face with this homemade highlighter. It’s just perfect for adding luminous and iridescent touches to your skin. Everyone at Coop Coco has been won over by this long-lasting, easy-to-apply DIY highlighter that is not only beautiful, but also vegan. It really does it all! And what’s more, this handmade highlighter is very easy to make, and you can use different micas…

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    It’s shower time with Aloe 2 Go!

    Bring a little aloe into your shower with this handmade shower gel recipe! Shower gel is one of the most popular personal care products, so naturally many of us would like to make it ourselves. Well, we are pleased to announce that after months of research, we have finally found THE perfect handmade shower gel recipe: Aloe 2 Go! A momentous event here at Coop Coco!! With soft scents of lavender and ylang ylang to revitalize your senses, Aloe 2 Go is perfect for any time of day—whether you’re trying to pry yourself from the arms of Morpheus in the morning with a good shower or winding down after a…

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    Asymmetric candle that seems to defy the laws of physics!

    Add a bit of geometry to your decor with this DIY candle in a jar Here at Coop Coco, we adore candles! They bring us comfort on darker days, light up a romantic date night, and warm up the ambiance of a room… Any occasion is a good excuse to light one! And, of course, we especially enjoy making our own—in all shapes and colours… To enhance your decor, today we’re sharing with you this recipe for a DIY candle in a jar with an asymmetric motif! One thing is certain: this fun and fabulous candle will turn more than just a few heads, and it’s even likely to spark…