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    Homemade eyeshadow for bewitchingly Bright Eyes

    All it takes is homemade eyeshadow to give you Bright Eyes They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul… What better reason to make them look divine and learn how to make eyeshadow? These long-lasting, intensifying, and iridescent tints will soon become favorite staples in your make-up kit! This fetching foursome allows you to match your make-up to your mood, your outfit, and your heart’s desire! You can use one solo, or combine them for a hypnotizing result! With these shades on your lids, there’s no doubt you’ll turn a few heads, and all your friends will want to know where you got that beautiful eyeshadow… Your…

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    Illuminate your face with Luminescence!

    Would you like to lend a healthy glow to your face? Do you feel like your make-up kit is missing that extra little something to give your skin a radiance that’s sure to turn heads? Look no further: we have exactly what you need! Bring some Luminescence to your face with this homemade highlighter. It’s just perfect for adding luminous and iridescent touches to your skin. Everyone at Coop Coco has been won over by this long-lasting, easy-to-apply DIY highlighter that is not only beautiful, but also vegan. It really does it all! And what’s more, this handmade highlighter is very easy to make, and you can use different micas…

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    Oil-free micellar cleansing water

    How make oil-free micellar cleansing water? Finally, an oil-free make-up remover! Not that we don’t love vegetable oil – far from it: it can be a great make-up remover since it dissolves make-up, which is itself oil-based, and leaves our skin soft and moisturized. But with summer just around the corner, we’re looking for lighter, fresher products. Micellar cleansing water can be used to gently and efficiently remove all your makeup – without using a drop of oil! And it’s fast and easy to make! An extra plus: no rinsing! The trick? The recipe includes a tiny amount of a gentle surfactant – decyl glucoside – which mixes easily with…

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    What can you do with sucragel? The possibilities are endless!

    An exciting new ingredient has just arrived at Coop Coco! It’s called sucragel! How to use sucragel? Sucragel is a whole new kind of emulsifier. Glycerine-based, it’s used cold and can be used to create a variety of intriguing textures! Oily gel, for example, is composed of 20% sucragel and 80% vegetable oil. With such a high percentage of oil (and no aqueous phase), you might expect the final result to be oily and not much fun to use. Far from it! If you make the effort to achieve a successful emulsion, you can create a wonderful translucent gel that turns milky on contact with water. It leaves no oily…

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    Custom lip gloss in 45 minutes

    Lip gloss is an everyday beauty product you likely pick up at the store without ever thinking you could easily make it yourself! Gloss gives your lips a moist, shiny look. Unlike lipstick, which is opaque, even coloured lip gloss is transparent. It’s often flavoured, as well. Gloss can be used alone or over lipstick – just apply it to the centre of your lower lip. Lip gloss is made with vegetable oils, waxes, and pigments such as micas. (Never use ultramarines, which are not approved for lips). A good gloss: Rolls on smoothly Is creamy but not st Is transparent/shiny The more translucent the formula, the more the micas…