• base de maquillage maison
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    Make it to Prime Time with this homemade face primer

    Make-up goals: A healthy glow at Prime Time! Even when zombies are in fashion, no one really wants to look like one at the end of the day. Between make-up that bleeds or fades, fatigue, a lack of sun, and so many other factors, we sometimes (all too often) end the day with the face of the living dead. Luckily, Prime Time, a make-up primer recipe, is here to save our pretty miens! This DIY natural face primer smoothes and evens out your complexion, while providing the rest of your make-up with longer staying power. It’s an essential piece in our make-up kits and has its place right next to…

  • recette de faux sang
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    Boo Blood: Your recipe for a bloody good Halloween

    A recipe to make your blood run cold Boo Blood is a fake blood recipe for a frightening Halloween look. We guarantee that it will give you a big “Boo!” effect without any real booboos. Thanks to this recipe, you’ll be ready to transform into a putrid zombie, an elegant vampire, or an evil ballerina for an evening…. And to win the prize for best costume! With just five ingredients, Boo Blood is quick, budget-friendly, and easy to make. You can even prepare it with children! Who would have thought that making fake blood could be so easy?! Get ready to have a bloody good time this Halloween! How to…

  • recette fabriquer eyeliner
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    Ready for a Mesmer-eye-zing new look?

    Play up your eyes with this DIY eyeliner recipe Are you looking to make your gaze even more powerful and irresistible? Mesmer-eye-zing was made for you! This homemade eyeliner is specially designed to elegantly outline your eyes while being gentle on the fragile skin of your lids. This make-up recipe required a lot of trial and error. We wanted to create a beautiful deep black eyeliner that would be easy to apply, long lasting, and perfectly textured—neither too thick nor too liquid. It proved to be quite the challenge! But after several weeks of research, a triumphant “Eureka!” rang out through our office. We had finally figured out how to…

  • How to make loose face powder
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    Get ready to hit some rays with Sun POW!der

    A homemade loose powder for sunny days You have a rendezvous with the sun! But you can’t attend without getting ready… So, let’s go! First, we’ll make a homemade facial exfoliant and a DIY body scrub, then get dressed up to the nines before applying the final touch: Sun POW!der, our new homemade loose powder for summer. The sun won’t know what hit it! As the last thing you apply, this loose powder helps set your makeup, adds a silky touch, and evens out your complexion. Don’t hesitate to bring it along in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day. In creating this recipe, we took inspiration from sun protection…

  • ombres à paupières
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    Homemade eyeshadow for bewitchingly Bright Eyes

    All it takes is homemade eyeshadow to give you Bright Eyes They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul… What better reason to make them look divine and learn how to make eyeshadow? These long-lasting, intensifying, and iridescent tints will soon become favorite staples in your make-up kit! This fetching foursome allows you to match your make-up to your mood, your outfit, and your heart’s desire! You can use one solo, or combine them for a hypnotizing result! With these shades on your lids, there’s no doubt you’ll turn a few heads, and all your friends will want to know where you got that beautiful eyeshadow… Your…