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    Survive the season with N’ice Cream, a DIY cream for winter!

    Thanks to this homemade face cream, there’s no need to fear winter! Oh winter… It evokes so many things: Snowball fights, days spent happily skidding down ski hills, hot chocolate enjoyed under a cozy flannel blanket… but also reddened, tight skin assaulted by the cold weather! Yet all that was before N’ice Cream, a homemade day cream to care for your skin in winter! In this freezing season, our skin has different needs. It’s important to use a cream that protects, soothes, nourishes, and deeply hydrates… without being so rich that our skin can’t breathe properly. In developing this homemade face cream recipe, we took all of these elements into…

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    Baby Beary Lotion cares for our little ones’ skin

    Share a tender moment with this homemade baby lotion Teddy bears are so comforting to babies. They bring the wee ones everyday company, softness, and protection from the bad things in life. These little stuffed heroes inspired our new recipe: a homemade baby lotion that cares for our youngest ones by hydrating, protecting, and softening their skin. Baby Beary Lotion is a good friend to small children. Indeed, babies’ skin is sensitive and calls for particular care. We therefore formulated this natural baby lotion recipe with colloidal oatmeal, vegetable glycerin, and shea butter. These three ingredients are known for their wonderful properties and create a perfect mixture for our little…

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    Happy Mien: Your perfect day cream for summer

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the happiest mien of all?! As summer approaches and warm, beautiful days return, now is a good time to rethink our skincare routines! In winter, we need a protective cream that is rich in vegetable oils and butters to combat the cold, but summer calls for a lighter formula… That’s why we’ve created Happy Mien, a homemade face cream recipe perfectly suited to hot weather. This light, hydrating cream cares for your face without adding shine. Suitable for all skin types, it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling fresh. In short, this homemade day cream is perfect for summertime! Many of us…

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    Homemade sensual exfoliating gels

    Each recipe makes enough to fill one 120 ml. tottle bottle Tools Scale accurate to 0.1g 1 tottle bottle 1 stainless steel bowl “Strawberry jam” version 50 g (96%)  basic oily gel 1 drop of red colorant (optional) 1 g (1.9%) blueberry or cranberry seeds 1 g (1.9%) strawberry aromatic essence 0,1 g (0.2%) ou 5 drops rosemary cineole essential oil – Rosemarinus officinalis ct cinéole Method and use: mix together all ingredients and use as face or body scrub “Coffee break” version 50 g (96.7%) basic oily gel 1,5 g (2.9%) ground coffee 0,2 g (0.4%) coffee essential oil – Coffea arabica (optional) Method and use: mix together all…

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    Basic oily gel or make-up remover

    How to make basic oily gel? We placed this recipe in the advanced category because you must be patient when completing the initial steps to make a successful emulsion. If this is not done well, it will be difficult (or even impossible) to make a proper oily gel. As we explained above, the sucragel can be used to make all of the products described in this article (basic gel or make-up remover, three types of exfoliator, and shaving gel). The following chart shows the quantities you will need depending on how many products you wish to make – each recipe will make enough to fill one 120 ml. tottle bottle.…