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    Enjoy Melting Moments with wax melts!

    A Melting Moment with the right scent can improve your mood! Enjoyable scents can do so much to warm and brighten our hearts and homes! And there are a thousand and one fantastic ways to create them, including essential oil diffusers, incense burners, and scent burners. Right now, we have a special fondness for wax melts, which can add a touch of scent and colour to any room. So we decided to create a simple recipe for vegan wax melts that you can use to make your own Melting Moments. Winter is an ideal time to think about making your own homemade creations. This recipe allows you to give free…

  • Comment faire des bougies décoratives
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    Orbs of Light to brighten up your day-to-day

    Feel like making decorative candles? You’d like to create some new candles but aren’t sure how to make them a little more original? Jar candles and tea lights are very pretty, but sometimes we feel like something different… That’s why we’ve created a recipe for making round candles for you. These ones are sure to liven up your decor! Get ready to bring even more light and lovely scents to your daily life with these Orbs of Light. Their perfect roundness makes them simply unique. And on top of that, they’re entirely customizable according to your tastes and wishes… This recipe is ideal for making personalized decorative candles! So if…

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    Asymmetric candle that seems to defy the laws of physics!

    Add a bit of geometry to your decor with this DIY candle in a jar Here at Coop Coco, we adore candles! They bring us comfort on darker days, light up a romantic date night, and warm up the ambiance of a room… Any occasion is a good excuse to light one! And, of course, we especially enjoy making our own—in all shapes and colours… To enhance your decor, today we’re sharing with you this recipe for a DIY candle in a jar with an asymmetric motif! One thing is certain: this fun and fabulous candle will turn more than just a few heads, and it’s even likely to spark…

  • recette bougies contre les moustiques
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    Enjoy a “Peaceful Evening” with these homemade candles

    This recipe for mosquito-repelling candles is made for summer! What’s worse than not being able to enjoy your garden or deck because flying pests are wrecking your moment of Zen?! Luckily, we have solutions, such as this recipe for DIY mosquito-repelling candles! In addition to allowing you to enjoy a “Peaceful Evening”, these homemade candles create a lovely ambience. What’s not to like? We have not included colourant in this candle recipe, but you can add one if you wish. To do so, add a colourant chip to the mixture and melt at the same time as the wax. If you decide to use raw or yellow beeswax, keep in…

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    Floating candles for a romantic dinner

    Valentine’s Day or not, there should always be reason for a romantic dinner. It’s an opportunity to break free from the routine, slow down and take time with your loved one. There are no strict rules to define a successful evening, however candles remain a must have. Here’s a candle project in preparation for your romantic alone time. And it’s important to remember that beyond Valentine’s day, there are 364 other days to spend time as a couple. How to make floating candles? Tools A pair of pliers 3ml pipette Floating candle metal molds Metal container to melt the wax Glass container (fish bowl, vase, mason jar etc …) Decorative…